top 10 reasons why i lust after gorgeous gay men

10. They’re pieces of eye candies. That’s indisputable.

9. They’re our pegs for perfection. Fair-skinned [the more albino-ish, the better], chiseled body, neat face, designer outfits [including branded clothes bought in used clothing stores], flashy smile as promoted by our favorite magazines and season fashion shows. Anyone beyond that peg is considered a mutant.

8. They’re high maintenance but not necessarily self-sufficient.

7. A number of them are rich. Or their parents are rich. Or their grandparents are richer. Otherwise, if a gorgeous gay man looks rich but is actually poor, he’s a social climber.

6. They’re definitely trophy boyfriends. Either I, as a partner, am the envy of the world or he’s my boyfriend by virtue of a shotgun affair.

5. They’re almost like gods I tend to forget that they fart and shit and pick their booger with their pink finger.

4. I wish they die young lest, see them get ugly when they reach 40.

3. They’re living proof that some boys have all the luck.

2. They’re one-dimensional. They exist to be physically adored. They live to be lust after. As gorgeous men, it’s not acceptable that they’re talented or artistic. They’re plainly gorgeous.

1. Gorgeous gay men are my constant reminder why God gave me the brains. Or not.


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