top 10 reasons why gorgeous gay men don’t lust after me

10. I’m an artificial snob. Or they just don’t know I exist.

9. They think I’m a crossdresser. Being associated with crossdressers embarass them. Ego has no medicine.

8. They think I’m a drug addict. Me with disheveled hair, red eyes in shorts, dirty shirt and slippers.

7. My face is so oily their morning hotdog is ready for frying. On my face.

6. I don’t have a car.

5. If I’m with a gorgeous gay man, I won’t pass as his boyfriend. His shoes are a lot cleaner than the whole of me.

4. I’m sarcastic and has an odd sense of humor. *evil grin*

3. I’m deep. They have to dig me or they’ll drown.

2. I’m too monsterish for their taste.

1. Because I lust after them. Unrequited attraction has become a lifestyle.

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