‘BROD’ Official Trailer

Official trailer of the first film I line produced for my own outfit, The Grit Project. It premiered at the 12th Cinemanila International Film Festival last December 8, competing in the Digital Lokal category. Starring Kenjie Garcia (Ang Lihim ni Antonio), Ardie Bascara (formerly Basti Romero of Santuaryo), renowned theatre actress Marife Necesito (Mammoth), Xeno Alejandro (Roxxxanne), Jess Mendoza (Ben & Sam).

Upcoming indie actors Nick Guila (theatre actor, Orosman at Zafira), Patrick Esteban (Hinala), Paul Jake Paule (theatre actor, 2010 Aliw awardee), Mehdi Gohlami (tv, All about Adam) complete the ensemble of cast, directed by award-winning director Ray Defante Gibraltar (Timawa at Delgado, Wanted: Border). Being a married heterosexual, he expressed his interest in directing a gay love story so I opened up the possibility of me producing a project about gays in the fraternity.

I think this film came out pretty well. I must say, Palanca-winner John Teodoro’s poetry made the film interesting. With haunting music by Monet Silvestre. Yeah, famed mentor in Pinoy Dream Academy, I had goosebumps when I finished watching the film. Seriously. And this is his first full-length, believe it or not. I’m proud of this film.

‘BROD’ will be shown in Manila theatres on February 16, 2011, a post-Valentine treat for gays and straights alike. Trust me, this one transcends beyond a gay love story. Love is bittersweet, eh?



Taken on December 16, 2010 at the Dubai International Film Festival venue.