Will be better

I broke hearts this year. They were not even aware of it because I chose to not let go even when I knew these relationships were going nowhere. I learned that it’s not easy being the antagonist.

I was rewarded for my work. Twice this year. It felt good, I was validated, vindicated. I guess it’s about time to ask for a fair compensation? Been a long time coming and I think it’s time to get what I deserve.

This year, I experienced a creative roadblock. I struggled with writing, being a maverick, being original, being just creative. I found no inspiration, no trigger. Probably because I focused too much on waiting for my second film to push through. I felt I needed to be less hard on myself and look at wider perspectives.

I ventured on new things. New experiences and travelled to other countries. I rekindled my love for photography and still learning. I got  burned out with editing and tried line producing. It made me realize I’m good at organizing. I travelled to Hongkong and Dubai and Cebu and got me wanting for more world domination.

My 2011 plans? Anything goes. I don’t make plans. Plans are bridges to failed expectations.

Twenty ten is a good year. A really, really good year. And I hope it spills over to 2011 and beyond. I just need to work harder, have more fun, stay healthy, save up for the future, overpower myself with positivity and I’ll do fine. Cheers!


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