Taken while inside the taxi on December 16, 2010.
Just like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, located in Dubai, I will reach for the sky this 2011. It shall happen.

Will be better

I broke hearts this year. They were not even aware of it because I chose to not let go even when I knew these relationships were going nowhere. I learned that it’s not easy being the antagonist.

I was rewarded for my work. Twice this year. It felt good, I was validated, vindicated. I guess it’s about time to ask for a fair compensation? Been a long time coming and I think it’s time to get what I deserve.

This year, I experienced a creative roadblock. I struggled with writing, being a maverick, being original, being just creative. I found no inspiration, no trigger. Probably because I focused too much on waiting for my second film to push through. I felt I needed to be less hard on myself and look at wider perspectives.

I ventured on new things. New experiences and travelled to other countries. I rekindled my love for photography and still learning. I got  burned out with editing and tried line producing. It made me realize I’m good at organizing. I travelled to Hongkong and Dubai and Cebu and got me wanting for more world domination.

My 2011 plans? Anything goes. I don’t make plans. Plans are bridges to failed expectations.

Twenty ten is a good year. A really, really good year. And I hope it spills over to 2011 and beyond. I just need to work harder, have more fun, stay healthy, save up for the future, overpower myself with positivity and I’ll do fine. Cheers!

Sa bagong taon

Nagbibigay ng ngiti
ang iyong mga alaala
Ngiting walang pakiramdam
dahil kusa silang hindi maramdaman.
Abot-kamay ang iyong paglayo
Hakbang papalapit
patungo sa diwang lumilingon
Nakaratay ang paghahanda
sa sahig na naninibugho
dampi ng nakalimot
ngiti ng iniwan
alaala ng umaasa.