People are raving about TYG! Char.

“A comedy, intelligent and interesting. “Thank You Girls” is a cultural snapshot of gay life in Mindanao. The film promises to transcend gender preferences and sexuality. Gays will love it, maybe relate to it, and appreciate the empowering message it delivers. Women will love it for its wit. Straight men will learn from it.”
– Jinggoy Salvador, SunStar Davao

“Watch it because of its original style, freshness, no-stereotype content and real catch of real scenes. It is a good film by story, but blockbuster by style. So, watch it!”

“A movie you must, must, must watch. It’s fun, funny, and light-hearted with some moments na nagmo-moment. The movie is full of LOL moments, especially the “question and answer portion” of the pageant. It’s not just for the badets, it’s for everybody.”

“I love it so much that I can define darkness now. I just love the film so much that I would want everyone in the world to watch it.”

“Never laughed so hard at a movie in a long time. The great part of this film was how natural the dialogue was. The witty exchanges felt right at home as if we’ve worn red satin gowns everyday of our lives. Totally laugh-out-loud moments for us and the audience. Loved each of the characters and their plight in life and in love. The actors’ performances were right. Great editing. The pace and energy of the film were infectious. The soundtrack was also very chika bibo.”

Despite the absence–but not completely–of revolting display of flesh and over dramatic and tired bleak and violence, this one will be taken seriously for its hilarity. From the opening scene, the director succeeded in making his audience forget that the world outside is drowning in its own tragedy. Watch na keyo! Go as in G-O-W!!!

“Hilarious and out of this world… The movie offers a chockful of insights on a gay person’s life. It is a light material for some but to those who are struggling to show their “true” colors, this is a must see.”

“Maganda ang topic at hindi siya seasonal: mga gay beaucon joiners na ang tawag pala sa kanila e “thank you girls” kasi lagi silang natatalo o hindi nakakaabot ng first place. Premise pa lang, panalo na! The acting was good, the lines are witty and funny, lalo na yung nagpapraktis sila ng mga QnA portion while traveling.”

“Magaling, magaling, magaling! Ilang beses akong napahagalpak! Kakatawa siya ha! Nakakaaliw ang mga lines. Bentang-benta! At halatang pinag-isipan! Clap, clap, clap!”

“Of all the indie films I have watched, I should say that was among my favorites. The music is so good and purely Dabawenyo… I first thought they were songs from Manila or of a foreign band.”

“Funny and interesting. What made it nice is how the movie defined each “beauconera’s” desire to be a queen because of the sense of self-achievement next to money. It shows how a backstage looks like during such pageants that most people are not aware of.”

“Beyond its comedy is honesty and seriousness. Would I recommend it to you? Of course yes!”


6 thoughts on “People are raving about TYG! Char.

  1. hehe. Add mo rin to: “it was a total breathe of fresh air and a moment, indeed saying, thank you, girls!” -

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