cinemalaya 2008

I encourage everyone to support my friends’ Cinemalaya 2008 entries on July 11-20 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


RANCHERO Directed by Michael Christian Cardoz

Ranchero is about a day in the life of prison cooks. Michael submitted Ranchero’s script as a final project for his scriptwriting class with Sir Bing (Lao) so expect real-time storytelling and helluva lots of handheld shots with this one. It will also be screened in Paris Cinema before its premiere in Cinemalaya, I think on the first week of July. Looks like the film’s gonna have good times ahead.

Michael is a friend way back in our UP Film days. Naging orgmate, sometimes classmate, rantmate, etc. ko rin siya, kaya go, go, go Cardotch.

Eto, a very Michael Cardoz quote, haha: Nang dumating ang Cinemalaya sa buhay ko. Humaba ang buhok ko at nawala ang kakarampot na pisnging naipon ko sa pagka-bum.

Ayan, me purpose na sa buhay si Cardotch.

Know more about Ranchero here.


MY FAKE AMERICAN ACCENT (MFAA) Directed by Ned Trespeces

MFAA is a timely comedy about the life in call-centers and well, its agents’ personal struggles. I saw the funny trailer and I think hundreds of thousands of call agents are going to see parcels of themselves in this film.

Being an ex-call center agent himself, Ned is an insider and I’m going to quote Ned (taken from his blog):

The idea of making My Fake American Accent came about right after I had finished screening Trabaho in Cinemanila. I got myself a job in a call center. I would tell my girlfriend about my day at the call center and she would say that this would be a good idea for a film. I was one of the older people in my batch; average trainee age was around 19 to 22, I was already 31 then. I didn’t blab to my co-trainees about my age so that it would be easier for me to get the younger people to talk to me and tell me their stories. On my second week of training, one of my batchmates got himself some national media attention by climbing up a billboard and threatening to jump. Very cinematic indeed! I worked 11-hour shifts four times a week. The job lasted three months. Our US client pulled the plug on our account- not enough calls were coming in. I got a $100 bonus. And for some fluke reason, the company forgot to make me sign their mandatory training bond, so I didn’t have to take the account that they wanted me to transfer into. I quit and took some time off. Went on a road trip through Mindoro, Romblon, Boracay and Panay Island. After that much needed rest, I plunged into my second call center job. But that’s another story.

I met Ned and his co-proponent and co-writer Onnah when the 12 shortlisted semi-finalists were interviewed by the Cinemalaya Committee a day before the announcement of the 10 finalists. I like the concept of MFAA because it’s a comedy. Way to go, Ned and Onnah!

Know more about My Fake American Accent here.

MFAA Trailer



Tutos is about the relationship of a father and his teenage daughter with sewing as metaphor. I don’t exactly know what tutos means but I’m sure it has something to do with sewing or sewing things together or something. This is LA’s UP Film Institute undergrad thesis and I’ve seen it during the thesis defense. I must say it’s one of the best films in the batch. The film is simple pero malakas ang tama.

Cinematography is done by no less than THE Sol Garcia, of course and edited by THE Shitzy, Leo Valecia.

Know more about Tutos here.

TUTOS Trailer


8 thoughts on “cinemalaya 2008

  1. i am not sure kung ipapalabas siya commercially pero you can catch it sa ccp during the cinemalaya festival and probably, in up cine adarna a week after that. =)

  2. ..ang ghanda puh ng tutos..
    ..the first tym i watch it naantig puh tlaga cuh..
    ..number 1 puh tlaga..
    ..lalo nah anak pih cau ni dr. yamsuan..
    ,,im xure proud puh xia xa inou,,//
    ,,kung pwede may part two pa..
    ,,keep up the good work..

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