shooting tyg (day 1)

I thought nothing could ever stop me from shooting “The Thank You Girls (TYG)” when we scheduled it’s first day last March 28. A day before that, Adolf asked me a hundred times if I was nervous and all I could say was a firm “no”.  Really, I wasn’t.

All things were sort of ironed out, somehow.  I already planned most of my shots and the look with Albert, the cinematographer.  Met up with Armi, the production designer, with the set and props requirements, discussed with Santi the costumes to be made. I already conducted workshops for the actorsw Plus the funds were there so all I just had to do was shoot.

Most of the staff from Manila already flew to Davao days before the shoot except for Mark, the field recordist and Robin, the boomman who came on the 27th.

Since it’s a road movie, we planned to shoot in almost sequential order so the first day’s schedule was set in the city.  We shot in front of San Pedro Cathedral first, grinding at around 7 or 8 am. Everything went smoothly until it rained by midday.  This factor I didn’t foresee because it’s summer and the past days before the 28th, it has been hot during the day and the rain came in at midnight.

That day, it rained so hard I was tempted to pack-up the shoot early.  But I decided to go to another location and proceed with the interior shots.

We travelled to Salumay to shoot the night scenes but I was surprised by the extremely cold weather that greeted us.  It was excruciatingly cold it got through our marrows.  It was unexpected because it wasn’t that cold when we went there for our location hunt.

Oh well. Not all planned sequences were shot on the first day but the fun and stress has just started.


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