tyg preparation

Still have lots of stuff to do.  That’s why I’m flying to Davao tomorrow with our production designer, Armi, to do whatever logistics that need to be done. 

Yesterday, I met up with the guys who will be making the film’s official website. Exciting.

Have to finalize the casting, with no one to play Carlos yet.  But I’m not panicking. Yet. 

Gie, the actor playing Allyson, will be flying to Davao on the 24th to join another round of workshop with the other cast.  Gie has to learn the proper delivery of the Visayan gay lingo dialogues but given he’s a fast learner, he’ll do well.

Most of the staff from Manila will be flying to Davao on the 26th.

We still have to rehearse the shots with Albert, our cinematographer, so we won’t waste our time figuring things out on the actual shooting day.  The schedule is hectic and by the end of the 1st shooting day, we will know our pace.  Hopefully, our 7-day sched is enough.

Direk Arman already did the call sheets and squeezed in everything in six days. 

Costumes are very crucial so they have to be planned well.  The unbeatable team of Santi and Frances are doing the best they can to deliver the requirement. *Wink* 

Hopefully, we will be able to finalize the list of talents/extras by Tuesday or Wednesday.  They still have to be briefed with what they’re going to do.

Apparently, I still have so much things to arrange Holy Week has passed me by with a big sign of the cross right in front of my face wishing me “good luck”.


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