whoever you are

Why did you have to flash your hot hot hot smile at me! Why did you have to flirt with me while I was going out of Starbucks (corner of Caroline Hill Road and Leighton in Causeway Bay) last Wednesday, March 18!

You were extremely hot I know and while we were smiling at each other, I knew I had to go back inside Starbucks but I realized you were wary that Jim (who was with me) was my boyfriend. No. He wasn’t. He isn’t. Gawd, I wish you did approach me.

So all I had to do was take a stolen picture of you, hot creature! Damn. I had to endure and get punished by Jim’s I-can’t-believe-Bebs-doesn’t-know-how-to-flirt look!

Damn you. Whoever you are, tell me your name. And wherever I could locate you. So I’d have one strong valid reason to fly back to Hongkong asap and let’s be together! Dali na.

Kung sinuman ang nakakakilala sa hot mammal na ito, ipagbigay-alam lamang po sa kanya ang aking mensahe.


2 thoughts on “whoever you are

  1. sobra tish… whew! boiler siya grabe.

    naisip ko nga, sana hindi na lang siya nagflirt sakin at least alam kong straight siya.. but no… he had to smile.. he had to wave pa!!!!

    tapos nung bumalik uli ako sa starbs, ala na. natameme na rin sya… hmf.. sana i gained the courage to approach him.. grr.


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