because matthew jay makes me cry

He reminds of me of a young, untimely death.  A waste of a bright future.  I fell in love with Matthew Jay’s music when I heard “Please Don’t Send Me Away” in 2001 and in the most unlikely place, a pirated cd store somewhere in Tutuban, I found a cd of his first studio album “Draw”.

It became one of my favorite albums ever.

Like my other favorites Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley before him, Matthew Jay is a brilliant British musician who died young in 2003 at the age of 24 when he fell from an apartment block somewhere in London.  The cause of the death was unexplained.

“Please Don’t Send Me Away” was my emo anthem five years ago.  It has some sort of spiritual tone to it nevertheless, still was a perfect emo mode for me. Just didn’t fit but…

I must say, though, that “Four Minute Rebellion” is my favorite Matthew Jay song. No video of it is available so I’ll just have to do away with “Please dont…”.

Tell me now what have you done
To justify your life my son
Did you help your brothers, when they were down
And when the bullets flew, did you stick around

I had no words, I never spoke
If I had said one thing, you wouldn’t know
I did no harm, I hurt no one
Why you ask me now, my chance has gone

Please don’t send me away
I want to come in
If you give me today
I will try again

Child I gave you all the breaks
But all you did was take and take
You say you did no harm, but you did no good
And never sought redemption
I think you should

I realise my selfish love
Has always got me through, by just enough
I never thought this day would come
When the demons of my soul would be undone

Look up and see the angels
The gates have opened up for you
I hope your mind is peaceful
And love is everything you do


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