tyg preparation

Still have lots of stuff to do.  That’s why I’m flying to Davao tomorrow with our production designer, Armi, to do whatever logistics that need to be done. 

Yesterday, I met up with the guys who will be making the film’s official website. Exciting.

Have to finalize the casting, with no one to play Carlos yet.  But I’m not panicking. Yet. 

Gie, the actor playing Allyson, will be flying to Davao on the 24th to join another round of workshop with the other cast.  Gie has to learn the proper delivery of the Visayan gay lingo dialogues but given he’s a fast learner, he’ll do well.

Most of the staff from Manila will be flying to Davao on the 26th.

We still have to rehearse the shots with Albert, our cinematographer, so we won’t waste our time figuring things out on the actual shooting day.  The schedule is hectic and by the end of the 1st shooting day, we will know our pace.  Hopefully, our 7-day sched is enough.

Direk Arman already did the call sheets and squeezed in everything in six days. 

Costumes are very crucial so they have to be planned well.  The unbeatable team of Santi and Frances are doing the best they can to deliver the requirement. *Wink* 

Hopefully, we will be able to finalize the list of talents/extras by Tuesday or Wednesday.  They still have to be briefed with what they’re going to do.

Apparently, I still have so much things to arrange Holy Week has passed me by with a big sign of the cross right in front of my face wishing me “good luck”.


whoever you are

Why did you have to flash your hot hot hot smile at me! Why did you have to flirt with me while I was going out of Starbucks (corner of Caroline Hill Road and Leighton in Causeway Bay) last Wednesday, March 18!

You were extremely hot I know and while we were smiling at each other, I knew I had to go back inside Starbucks but I realized you were wary that Jim (who was with me) was my boyfriend. No. He wasn’t. He isn’t. Gawd, I wish you did approach me.

So all I had to do was take a stolen picture of you, hot creature! Damn. I had to endure and get punished by Jim’s I-can’t-believe-Bebs-doesn’t-know-how-to-flirt look!

Damn you. Whoever you are, tell me your name. And wherever I could locate you. So I’d have one strong valid reason to fly back to Hongkong asap and let’s be together! Dali na.

Kung sinuman ang nakakakilala sa hot mammal na ito, ipagbigay-alam lamang po sa kanya ang aking mensahe.

di ako nanalo

Pero ok lang yun.

Woo. Red carpet.

At least, I got to see Tony Leung in person. Bad thing I wasn’t able to take a closer picture of him kasi di ako nakapunta sa red carpet. I was at the Welcome Dinner though. The food was soooo good and met lots of people, even my co-nominees.

David Richardson (na katabi ko during the ceremony), a British guy who edited this Hongkong film titled “Eye in the Sky” won Best Editor. Grabe.

Ang boring ng awards night, sobra. Parang walang energy ang mga tao. The beauty pageants and awards nights o kahit mga shows sa Pinas are much livelier. Parang pilit lang pumalakpak ng mga tao. Ewan ko ba. O dahil lang siguro sa language na pagpupumilit ng mga instik na mag-English.

Ampangit ko sa piktyur na yan. Si Jim kasi, blurry kung kumuha. Hmf. Di nabigyan ng hustiya ang galing ng pagdala ko sa tux, haha. After ko magpapiktyur sa red carpet na yan (pagkatapos na yan ng awards ceremony), nagnakaw ako ng maraming maraming Hongkong International Film Festival id badges. Pampasalubong sa mga tao.

Ay, lima lang pala lahat nanakaw ko. Nakakalat kasi, ayan.

Dami ko pa kwento. Hilo lang galing byahe. Hmf.

camwhoring agad

Dumating kami ng HK mga 10:00 am. Nagulat ako bigla me papparazi. Haha. Photographer ata ng AFA yun. Dinala kami sa Grand Hyatt Hotel instead of the original Cosmopolitan Hotel. Ewan, me changes ata pero choosy pa ba ako bilang ansosyal lang niya.

Ayun lang. Awards night na mamaya. Ok lang kahit di manalo, sulit naman sa landian. Woohoo. Pero ok din manalo. Pfft.

tyg theme song

It’s confirmed.

Michael Cruz, the gay rocker who became popular via the talent search ‘Star in a Million’, will lend his beautiful song “Naroon” as the theme song of “The ‘Thank You’ Girls”.

Michael, who popularized a rock version of Madonna’s Crazy for You in 2005, will be recording his new song this Saturday.

I am actually excited to be working with Michael for this project. Adolf Alix will be directing the song’s music video and will be released before the premiere of TYG.

I have also chosen another song that will be part of the film’s OST, Roxymorron’s ‘Paghihintay’. Roxymorron is an unsigned band that was already featured in Myx’ Bandarito.

I first heard of ‘Paghihintay’ when Ab, a friend, sent me a copy of the song and I instantly liked it.

As of present, I am still looking for more songs from unsigned bands to be part of the film’s OST.

this never happened before

Today’s LSS. Paul McCartney’s ‘This Never Happened Before’ from The Lake House. Carlo and I used to sing this to each other. Aw.

I’m very sure, this never happened to me before
I met you and now I’m sure

This never happened before

Now I see, this is the way it’s supposed to be
I met you and now I see
This is the way it should be

This is the way it should be, for lovers
They shouldn’t go it alone
It’s not so good when your on your own

So come to me, now we can be what we want to be
I love you and now I see
This is the way it should be

This is the way it should be

This is the way it should be, for lovers
They shouldn’t go it alone
It’s not so good when your on your own

I’m very sure, this never happened to me before

I met you and now I’m sure
This never happened before (This never happened before)
This never happened before (This never happened before)
This never happened before (This never happened before)
This never happened before

tyg cast

My first full-length film “The ‘Thank You’ Girls” (TYG for short) is scheduled to be shot on March 28 to April 3 in Davao City, Bukidnon and Cagayan. It’s a Visayan film (using the Visayan gay lingo to be more specific) and I originally wanted non-professional Visayan actors to be cast.

The film is about a group of veteran gay beauty pageant contestants who, after getting tired of losing in almost all the pageants in Davao City, traveled to Cagayan de Oro to join a big pageant, Miss Galaxy 2008. So it’s a road trip movie. A fun, gay film that I hope everyone, regardless of gender and dialect will enjoy. It is produced by James Hohl of Coral Productions, a first time film producer and will be line produced by my good friend, Adolf Alix. THE Adolfo B. Alix, Jr. Yey!

When I flew to Davao last February, we held auditions and when the actors were finally cast, we conducted workshops for them. Eventually, we had to add up one more character to complete the story.

The actor is Jeff Salonga. With his addition to the cast of the film, I expect that this is gonna be a fun, fun shoot. Gie, as we call him, by the way, is the half-brother of Lea Salonga. He’s playing ALLYSON, the 33-year old marijuana smoking beauty pageant veteran who is a die-hard fanatic of his icon starlet, ADORA GRACIA. I haven’t gathered much info about Gie yet but his bio will be posted here soon. As far as I know, Gie graduated Fine Arts in UP and done monologues for Live A.I.D.S. for UP Samaskom. Since he’s an addition, he wasn’t able to go to the photoshoot the last time in Davao.

MOMMY PAOLA will be played by Pidot Villocino. The group’s financier is an expressionless character who just wants to go to Cagayan to find his long-time lover, Carlos.

Pidot is the assistant to the Chief of Staff of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Now, that’s what you call Davao’s who’s who. There were actually four people who auditioned for the role. Pidot was the most expressionless, haha.

He had a bit of experience in theatre and he actually has been announcing his first film starrer all over Davao, hurhur.

Would you believe Pidot is just 5’4? Though I still have to find a perfect Carlos for him, I’m sure Pidot will do a good job portraying the role. By the way, if Pidot has a wig on, he looks like Bella Flores. He’d rather be called Lolita Rodriguez though. He won’t be joining the pageants, thank God.

I know EJ looks like Gollum here but trust me, he looks better in person. EJ Pantujan is a variety show host at the local ABS-CBN 2 in Davao City and I must say, he’s popular there.

He used to host this local show called “KSP”. I haven’t been around Davao for a long time so I didn’t know who EJ was when he went to the auditions.

He will be playing CHRIS, Mommy Paola’s biological son. He’s vain, a provincial metrosexual. And promiscuous. He joins beauty pageants to affirm his narcissism.

I thought of doing a makeover for EJ. I’m not really sold on the emo hair. We’ll see how Santi, our stylist, has to say.

I’m also curious with how he’s gonna look like with wig and make up on, hurhur. Can’t wait.

The world should watch out for July Jimenez who’s playing BERNADETTE.

Personally, Bernadette is my favorite character. A happy-go-lucky, cellphone-stealing character, I initially imagined Bernadette as an ugly, chubby, oily-skinned, obnoxious, mocking character who just wants to have fun in life but has a deep personality inside.

Just think of the comedian Chokoleit and you know what I mean.

I first heard of July’s laugh while me and Yam conducted an audition at Mintal (not to be confused with Mental). His laugh was so contagious I felt I found my Bernadette then.

July is tall, has a slender modelish body, far from my initial peg for the character. But he’s funny, delivers his lines so well and boy, he takes instrictions fast. A feat for someone who has never done acting ever.

Trust me, he’s a scene stealer just by his mere presence. From the auditions to the actor’s workshop and eventually when I upload the audition videos, you know what I’m talking about.

Kit Poliquit (whatta rhyme) was one of the auditionees from Mintal. As soon as we had him read the lines, I knew Kit has a potential.

We actually had a tagalog script and we had the auditionees translate it to Visayan. Only Kit was able to translate it perfectly, in ad lib form.

Both Kit and July had a callback and we merged them with the other shortlisted auditionees for another round of auditions.

Kit stood out from the rest because of his oh well, hair, haha. And his ability to be funny when he delivers his lines.

He will play the acid-tongued VANETTE, the youngest of the group. The character is a Muslim who runs away from home because his father and brothers don’t treat him well, unless of course when he brings home money from the pageant.

He hates Chris so much he wants to devour him. By the way, Kit and EJ have a good rapport you will believe they really hate each other.

Kim Vergara seems to be very bit different in person than the character he’s playing, MACARIO.

Macario is the untalented frustrated musician (and dancer) who joins beauty pageants to show people what he’s worth, to no avail. Of all the characters, I think he characterizes the film’s title.

The character is very ordinary and not outstanding, mostly devoured by the more outspoken and scene stealing members of the group.

But what I like most about Macario is his oozing self-confidence, one that sprung from his family’s undying support, something that the other characters lack.

Kim plays Macario well, even making Macario forgettable when he’s with his group.

Kim had a bit of experience in theater and with his dancing flexibilities and a great voice in real life, he seems to be the anti-thesis of the role he’s playing. The story of his life is even more interesting.

Kim’s parents doesn’t know he’s gay (he’s a basketball player) and he said, he plans to come out through this movie. Woohoo. Or not. We’ll see.

tuloy na

Nakapagfirst shooting day na ang ‘Kristo‘, ang directorial debut ni Jerwin Espiritu, classmate ko sa UP Film Institute, ka-cranky-han sa Ignite Media at kakuntsabahan sa iba pang mga bagay-bagay. Oiii, pumupromote. Umiindulge.
Isinulat namin ang script nato para sa Cinemalaya, swerte namang pumasok sa Top 25 kaso di naman nakapasok sa Top 10. Fortunately, nagkaroon ng interest si Carlo Maceda (na nagproduce ng ‘Nars’ ni Adolf… oo, si Carlo na dating Mossimo Bikini winner, hmf) na iproduce siya kaya ayun. Nagshoot na si Jerwin nung March 10.

Tungkol ito sa mga buhay ng mga kristo sa sabungan. Dahil makulay ang pagpapahalaga at sensibilidad para sa kultura ng mga tagaroon, kaya sa Cutud, Pampanga ang setting ng pelikula. Ipinarallel namin ang mga pangyayari sa mga kristo sa sabong sa buhay ni Kristong totoo kaya ginawa naming Holy Week ang kwento.

Originally, we wanted non-pro actors para gumanap sa mga characters pero dahil may tinatawag na ebolusyon, mainstream actors na nga ang kinuha para sa pelikula.

Si Jay Manalo ang gaganap na Pedring, isang kristong adik sa sabong na may kalive-in na bungangerang si Lina, na I’m sure, mabibigyang hustisya ni Katherine Luna bilang magaling itong artista. Sobrang magaling na artista, for more emphasis.

May dalawang anak si Pedring sa una nitong kalive-in na si Magda, si Weng, di ko alam ang apelyido ang gaganap, isang theatre actress. Na may kalive-in rin na isa pang kristo, si Karyo, na nemesis ni Pedring. Si Christian Vasquez naman si Karyo. Hot daw, sabi ni Jerwin, pumu-footnote lang.

Si Andrew si Steven, yung batang taga Goin’ Bulilit na laging may commercial at si Mary, ang dalagang tulala, played by Vaness del Moral ng Starstruck, ang mga anak nina Pedring at Magda. Personally, si Mary ang pinakapaborito kong karakter bilang wala lang. Tulala ito, autistic at pineg ko dun sa karakter na babaeng bangag sa isa sa pinakapaborito kong pelikula, ang “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.

Isa lang kasi siyang kabaligtaran sa ingay ng pelikula… ingay ng sabungan, ingay ng penitensiya sa Mahal na Araw, ingay ng nagtatalak niyang madrasta, ingay ng mundo. Ewan. Tawa lang kami ng tawa ni Jerwin habang isinusulat si Mary. Nakita ko na ang potensyal ni Vaness dati sa Starstruck at kaya niyang maging Mary.

Me isang tomboy na kristo, si Barbie. Go Aleck Bovick bilang Barbie! Sa totoo lang, deserve ni Aleck ang Famas Best Actress niya dati dahil sobrang galing ng babaeng ito at sobrang kaya niyang maging Barbie, na by the way, ang paboritong expression ay “Barabas!”

Iisa ang amo nina Pedring, Barbie at Karyo. Si Kapitan, isang negosyante dun sa baranggay nila. Halang ang kaluluwa nito. Madugas at maepal lang siya sa lahat kaya iniepal din siya ng mga kristo niya sa sabong. Si Monsour del Rosario ang Kapitan. Medyo bata si Monsour para sa role pero ok na rin.

Kung mapapansin, ang mga pangalan ng lahat ng mga karakter ay may koneksyon sa mga karakter sa bibliya na may relasyon kay Kristo. English names man ang mga ito o Tagalog. Pansinin lang.

Sa Holy Week, sasabak ang shoot nina Jerwin sa totoong flagellation sa Cutud, Pampanga at kukunan ang mga totoong pangyayari habang may nagpapapako sa krus. Isasalpak sa gitna ng maraming tao ang mga artista na parang dokyu. Ayus.

Ayun lang. Nakwento ko lang.


Can’t get enough of this blog. Parang Gossip Girl, me access siya sa mga bagay-bagay na nangyayari sa tinitingala nating mga elitista ng lipunan and he’s spilling the beans. Crispy, dollar-smelling beans.

Apparently, these high society call themselves the Gucci Gang, the members listed according to Brian’s blog are:

Tim Yap
Celine Lopez
Amanda Griffin
Paolo Araneta
Jackie Cohen Antonio
Wendy Puyat
Dj Montano
Chut Cuerva
Marcel ( forced to be in it)
Marc Antonio
Ricky Delgado/ Carmen Delgado
Daniel /Amanda Aboitiz
Ciarra Sevilla
Eric Cua
Tina Tinio
Karen Prieto
Hindi Weber Tantoco
Migs Rosales
JM Rodriguez
Pepper Teehankee
Ciara Sevilla
Marco De la Rama
Izabel Lozano
Geni Psinakis
Jessica Guevara
Cristina Angelica Garcia

DJ Montano is Brian’s ex who owes him $70,000. Tumataginting. Sana ipinautang na lang niya sa akin para pampagawa ng pelikula. Dinidemand niyang bayaran siya ni DJ pero he’s nowhere to be found. Sabi, nasa Singapore daw.

Now, hell has no fury for a homo scorned. Sinusulat niya ang mga scandals at ang buhay insulares ng mga taong pasimuno ng gla-mor. Lagi natin silang nakikita sa mga magazines, high society pages sa newspapers pero mas tae pa pala sila kesa sa mga holdupper at mga halang ang kaluluwang pumapatay sa kanto-kanto. Yun nga lang, ibinalot nila ang mga sarili nila sa mamahaling damit, pabango at masasarap na pagkain.

Basahin niyo ang blog. Masaya. Masayang makabasa ng mga scandal ng mga kilalang tao lalo pa’t galing mismo sa isang insider at marealize natin na ang tae, kahit buhusan mo man ng perfume mangangamoy tae pa rin.

because matthew jay makes me cry

He reminds of me of a young, untimely death.  A waste of a bright future.  I fell in love with Matthew Jay’s music when I heard “Please Don’t Send Me Away” in 2001 and in the most unlikely place, a pirated cd store somewhere in Tutuban, I found a cd of his first studio album “Draw”.

It became one of my favorite albums ever.

Like my other favorites Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley before him, Matthew Jay is a brilliant British musician who died young in 2003 at the age of 24 when he fell from an apartment block somewhere in London.  The cause of the death was unexplained.

“Please Don’t Send Me Away” was my emo anthem five years ago.  It has some sort of spiritual tone to it nevertheless, still was a perfect emo mode for me. Just didn’t fit but…

I must say, though, that “Four Minute Rebellion” is my favorite Matthew Jay song. No video of it is available so I’ll just have to do away with “Please dont…”.

Tell me now what have you done
To justify your life my son
Did you help your brothers, when they were down
And when the bullets flew, did you stick around

I had no words, I never spoke
If I had said one thing, you wouldn’t know
I did no harm, I hurt no one
Why you ask me now, my chance has gone

Please don’t send me away
I want to come in
If you give me today
I will try again

Child I gave you all the breaks
But all you did was take and take
You say you did no harm, but you did no good
And never sought redemption
I think you should

I realise my selfish love
Has always got me through, by just enough
I never thought this day would come
When the demons of my soul would be undone

Look up and see the angels
The gates have opened up for you
I hope your mind is peaceful
And love is everything you do

lapit na

Ito yung part na mahihirapan akong umalis kasi nakasanayan ko na. Pagbalik ko sa Manila sa Lunes, malamang hahanap-hanapin ko ang masakit na tama ng araw, ang mga maliliit na pampasaherong jeep, ang di-mahulaang bugso ng panahon, ang turon na ube ang laman, ang murang pagkain, ang mga kakulangan ng mga gwapo, ang amoy ng nilutong ulam sa bahay.

Ang mga bagay-bagay.

Baka dahil bagong gupit lang ako. Mahigit isang taon na pala akong di nagpapagupit. Si Pidot kasi, ang Mommy Paola sa TYG. Pilitin ba ako. O dahil balak ko na rin tanggalin ang goatee ko, pagkatapos ng tatlong taon.

Baka dahil masyado na akong nag-enjoy dito sa Davao, parang ayoko pang umalis. O dahil marami pa akong mga taong dapat kausapin. O baka masyado lang akong natuwa dahil blockbuster ang ‘Daybreak’.

O baka naman dahil hawak ko ang pawikan.

Next week, magsushoot na ng ‘Kristo’ si Jerwin. Exciting. Ng ‘Ochenta’ si Adolf. Ai, iiedit ko pala yun. Dadating na rin galing NY si Jim. Lilipad ako sa Hongkong sa Asian Film Awards sa March 16. Babalik sa Davao ng 22. Shoot ng ‘Thank You Girls’ sa March 28.

Siyet. Busy pala ako.