tyg location hunt

Sooooo tired.

Our call time was supposed to be at 3:30am at McDonalds MTS, infront of Ateneo de Davao but Maxi, Armi and I got up late. Armi claimed she was already up by 2:30 am when she heard my alarm but was just waiting for Maxi (always the early bird) to get up. But Maxi was still sound asleep. Snoring, in fact.

We finally got ourselves fixed at 4:30 am, the service vehicle had to fetch the three of us near our house.

Malaya, our Production Manager, and I originally scheduled the location hunt for two days. So off we went to our first destination, Salumay, almost two hours from the city proper. It’s still part of Davao though.

Yam, the Assistant Director 2, and Mark, the Location Manager were already familiar with the place so finding the right location was a-b-c.

Salumay is a nice cold place, better than Baguio, quite unexploited yet. We found the perfect stage and area we wanted though Mark had to go back because the baranggay captain wasn’t there to grant us the permit.

Along the way, we were able to find the perfect locations to shoot the roadtrip scenes. We went for a short trek in Epol to see the waterfalls (we could hear the sound of the water from the highway). I’ve been there before and even bathe in it years ago but I wanted to experience the trek again. We weren’t prepared for a muddy trek but the heck. It was still beautiful the way it was years ago.

I told Maxi to have fun while he’s still in Davao ‘coz headbanging work will be killing him when he gets to Manila. He just gave me a monotone “ganun baaa.”

We passed by Buda and then Bukidnon by past noontime and we realized we were almost done with the location hunt, almost 80% of the requirement almost got covered. We asked the car rental if it was possible to rent the car for a day but they gave us lousy excuses why we couldn’t get a refund back. Greedy.

Almost everybody was furious and in fact, eager to go home but we decided to go further to Cagayan de Oro as originally scheduled.

We had lunch at “Bagong Lipunan” who claim they cook their noodles without preservatives. The food was good anyway.

Marlon, Malaya’s artist friend was generous enough to welcome us as his guests and invited us to an art exhibit at Xavier University. It was my second time to get in there.

I remember I had this big crush on a Cagayanon name Tone, haha. Where could he be now?

Despite the giant mosquitoes swarming around Cagayan de Oro, what’s best about Marlon’s house is his free wifi. One that doesn’t get disconnected even when it rains so hard. Like tonight.

Hence, the uploaded pictures and this update. I’ll be more glad to go back home to Davao tomorrow, excited to shoot already.

By the way, the whole night, Armi, the Production Designer, Chico, the Art Director, and I already planned out the design for the stages where the beauty pageants will be shot. The concepts get me excited.

I just hope Albert, our DOP, won’t be having a hard time lighting up the stages. Albert’s one of the best so we know it’s a fingersnap for him.

P.S. I wonder what happened to ‘Daybreak’s’ first day of exhibition. I hope many people went to Indiesine to watch it.


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