opens on feb 13, 2008 at the up cine adarna


Written by Charliebebs Gohetia
Directed by Adolfo B. Alix, Jr.

Cast: Coco Martin, Paolo Rivero

“DAYBREAK” happens entirely in one place: a rest house in Taal, Batangas and only with two characters. In a single narrative time, intending by way of voyeurism, we discover what happens to two men spending one night contemplating whether to break up or continue their relationship. William and JP allow us to know their biggest lies and the biggest truths… two people loving each other, clinging to each other, betraying each other — trying the fragility of their feelings in only one night.

Memories and dreams, truths and lies, fears and desires, betrayal and honesty, love and hate are all closely entwined in this night.

Behind the veil of words, they are drawn to each other but will the light of the sunrise bring this intimacy to an end?


may linya sa gitna ng bibig at utak

Sabi ko, di kita ibablog.
Pero nanginginig ang mga kamay ko para maisulat ang pangalan mo.
Sabi ko, di na kita iisipin.
Pero naroon ka, bumagabagabag.
Sabi ko, di na sasambitin ang pagkakataong sinayang mo.
Sabi ko, hindi na kita hahanapin.
Sabi ko, wala ka na.

Sabi mo babalik ka.  Pero, paalam.