it’s official!

Natanggap ko na kanina through email ang invitation galing Asian Film Awards. Ansaya. Sagot nila ang plane fare pati hotel. Mas masaya. Kaso for three days nga lang (March 16-19) pero wala na akong konsepto ng choosy at pag-iinarte. Pero plano ko na rin mag-extend ng mga dalawang araw pa. Saya nito! Excited nako makadaupang palad si Tony Leung. “Hey there, Tony! Zup, man?” Siyet. Wala pa akong karanasan sa modang starstuck, baka ngayon pa lang.

“Hey there, Tony. Gawin natin yung ginawa niyo ni Leslie Cheung sa Happy Together!” La lang.

At sana andun si Wong Kar Wai. “Wuy, Kar Wai, pwedeng umapprentice sayo?” Saya. Tapos punta akong Central, maglalandi, mambiktima ng mga tsekwa. Dudugo na naman pagkatao ko nito sa kakasalita ng broken English para magkaintindihan kami.

First ever festival at awards night ko ‘to kaya exciting.

Ngayon, masasabi ko nang official na rin nagstart ang pre-prod ng “The ‘Thank You’ Girls”, kaya tuloy na tuloy na ang shoot sa March 28 sa Davao. Saya. Looking forward to it. First full-length ito. Lovet.

Ang mga detalye sa pelikulang ‘to sa susunod na lang. Samantala, sana marami ang manood ng ‘Daybreak’.

Nood muna ako ng ‘Bound’. Andami na palang HMV dvds sa Quiapo. O baka matagal na siyang available dun at kanina ko lang nadiscover. Saya!


missing the corrs

Namimiss ko na ang The Corrs. Una kong narinig ang ‘Runaway’ nung 1995 sa Kool 106 dati sa Davao. Sobrang minahal ko yung kanta at kahit hinanap ko yung album nila, wala akong makita. Kala ko pa nga dati ‘The Corpse’ sila. Anlabo lang. Pakiramdam ko ako lang ang nakakakilala sa kanila kasi lahat ng mga tinanungan ko, di sila kilala.

1997 na nung makita ko sa isang music store sa Ilustre ang ‘Forgiven not Forgotten’. Months after, bigla silang sumikat nung nirelease ang ‘Talk on Corners’.

Gustung-gusto ko sa mga albums nila yung mga Irish instrumentals bilang amazed ako sa combo ng violin at drums. Eto, mga sample.

(not the official music video, wala akong ibang mahanap)



LOUGH ERIN SHORE (Unplugged) originally from ‘FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN’

(patawad sa video, wala nang ibang mahanap)


PADDY MCCARTHY (Live) originally from ‘TALK ON CORNERS’


I wish I could play the drums like Caroline at animated lang talaga siya bilang tao.

“daybreak” tidbit

Directed by Adolfo Alix, Jr.
Written by Charliebebs Gohetia


He goes outside to smoke while William looks at him intently. He’s thinking that now is the perfect chance to tell JP but he’s still having a hard time doing it. He opens a book and tries to read he but can’t concentrate.

He follows JP outside. Nervous, he shares the cigarette with him. They stare at the Lake quietly, feeling the cold breeze.


Alam mo, lagi akong dumadaan dito. Gusto ko lang malaman kung andito ka.


Tumatawag naman ako pag aakyat ako di ba?


Ewan. Gusto ko lang. Palatandaan ko ang ilaw diyan sa may bandang kwarto Pag nakabukas yan, alam kong nandyan ka. Kapag ang ilaw ng sala ang nakabukas, malamang, yung asawa mo. (beat) Sa dalawang buwan na di kita nakita, di ko akalaing hahanap-hanapin pala kita.

(breaks JP’s seriousness)

Ano ka, stalker? (beat) Know what? I’ve always wanted to know how it is to be a stalker. Parang sa mga horror films. Kaya siguro, initially, gusto kong maging Psychologist, gusto kong malaman yung sense of mystery nila.


Nasubukan mo na bang maging stalker?

Watch ‘Daybreak’…


Feb 13 and 14 – UP Cine Adarna (formerly UP Film Center

Feb 20 to 26 – Robinson’s Galleria

Feb 27 – March 4 – Robinson’s Ermita

March 5 – 11 – Robinson’s Bacolod

john-john (foster child) french release

Photos and info courtesy of Ferdinand Lapuz.

Un film de : Brillante Mendoza
Dans un quartier pauvre de Manille, Thelma est chargée par un service social local d’élever des enfants abandonnés avant leur adoption officielle. Aujourd’hui, John John, le dernier enfant gardé par Thelma, doit être remis à ses parents adoptifs américains. A mesure que la journée passe, chaque moment avec le petit garçon devient de plus en plus précieux.
Cherry Pie PicacheEugene Domingo

Jiro Manio

Kier Alonzo

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs – Festival de Cannes 2007
Titre Original : Foster Child
Pays : Philippines
Production : Seiko films, Inc
Année : 2007
N° Visa : 119602
Formats : 1.1:85 – Dolby SR
Durée / Métrage : 1H38
Attachée de presse : Marie Queysanne

Scénario: Ralson Jover
Image: Odyssey Flore
Son: Emmanuel Clemente
Musique: Jerold Tarog
Décor: Benjamin Padero
Montage: Charliebebs Gohetia
Production: Seiko films, Inc (Philippines)

original composition

If you have a recorded original song (preferably alternative rock) and is not owned by any recording label, can I borrow it for my film’s soundtrack?

Please? Contact me. Thanks!

And oh, the other day, this blog got 981 hits because of Heath Ledger.  I’m making the font bold.  Heath Ledger.

opens on feb 13, 2008 at the up cine adarna


Written by Charliebebs Gohetia
Directed by Adolfo B. Alix, Jr.

Cast: Coco Martin, Paolo Rivero

“DAYBREAK” happens entirely in one place: a rest house in Taal, Batangas and only with two characters. In a single narrative time, intending by way of voyeurism, we discover what happens to two men spending one night contemplating whether to break up or continue their relationship. William and JP allow us to know their biggest lies and the biggest truths… two people loving each other, clinging to each other, betraying each other — trying the fragility of their feelings in only one night.

Memories and dreams, truths and lies, fears and desires, betrayal and honesty, love and hate are all closely entwined in this night.

Behind the veil of words, they are drawn to each other but will the light of the sunrise bring this intimacy to an end?

asian film awards

The Asian Film Awards honors the best of Asian cinema over the past year, including filmmakers with outstanding career achievements and emerging artists who demonstrate extraordinary talent in the field of cinema.

Thirty-three films from across Asia will compete in 12 categories. Awards night will be March 17, 2008 at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre, coinciding with the opening of the Entertainment Expo Hongkon and the 32nd Hongkong International Film Festival.

Only one Filipino film is nominated in one category. Brillante Mendoza’s ‘Tirador (Slingshot)’ is nominated for Best Editing.

Here are the nominees.

Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame, Iran
I Just Didn’t Do It, Japan
Lust, Caution, Taiwan/ Chinese Mainland, The / USA
Secret Sunshine, South Korea
The Sun Also Rises, Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong
The Warlords, Chinese Mainland, The/ Hongkong

Peter CHAN (The Warlords – The Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)
JIANG Wen (The Sun Also Rises – Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong
Ang LEE (Lust, Caution – Taiwan/ Chinese Mainland, The / USA)
LEE Chang-Dong (Secret Sunshine – South Korea)
SUO Masayuki (I Just Didn’t Do It – Japan)
ZHANG Lu (Desert Dream – South Korea/ France)

Jack KAO (God Man Dog – Taiwan)
KASE Ryo (I Just Didn’t Do It – Japan)
Tony LEUNG (Lust, Caution – Taiwan/ Chinese Mainland, The / USA)
Jet LI (The Warlords – Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)
Joe ODAGIRI (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad – Japan)
SONG Kang-ho (Secret Sunshine – South Korea)

Joan CHEN (The Home Song Stories – Singapore/Australia)
JEON Do-Yeon (Secret Sunshine – South Korea)
KIKI Kirin (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad – Japan)
KIM Yunjin (Seven Days – South Korea)
Deepika PADUKONE (Om Shanti Om – India)
TANG Wei (Lust, Caution – Taiwan/ Chinese Mainland, The / USA)

CHUN Ho-jin (Skeletons in the Closet – South Korea)
KOBAYASHI Kaoru (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad – Japan)
Mario MAURER (Love of Siam – Thailand)
SUN Honglei (Mongol – Mongolia/ Kazakhstan/ Germany/ Russia)
TSUTSUMI Shin’ichi (Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 – Japan)

Joan CHEN (The Sun Also Rises- Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)
KONG Hyo-jin (Happiness – South Korea)
KIM Hye-soo (Skeletons in the Closet – South Korea)
Apinya SAKUJAROENSUK (Ploy – Thailand)
YAKUSHIMARU Hiroko (Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 – Japan)

AU Kin Yee / WAI Ka-Fai (Mad Detective – The Hong Kong)
IM Sang-soo (The Old Garden – South Korea)
PENG Tao (Little Moth – Chinese Mainland, The)
James SCHAMUS/ WANG Hui-Ling (Lust, Caution – Taiwan/ Chinese Mainland, The / USA)
SUO Masayuki (I just Didn’t Do it – Japan)

Hooman BEHMANESH (Those Three – Iran)
Chankit CHAMNIVIKAIPONG (Ploy – Thailand)
LIAO Pen-jung (Help Me Eros – Taiwan)
Shanker RAMAN (Frozen – India)
Arthur WONG (The Warlords – Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)

CAO Jiuping / ZHANG Jian Qun (The Sun Also Rises – Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)
KIM Yu-Jeong/ LEE Min-Bok (Epitaph (Gidam) – South Korea)
IWAKI Namiko (Sakuran – Japan)
Pisut PARIWATTANAKIT/ Thanakorn PONGSUWAN (Opaptika – Thailand)
TSAI Ming-liang (Help Me Eros – Taiwan)

The August band/ Flure/Witwisit HIRUNWONGKUL/ Chukiate SAKVEERAKUL/Passakorn WIROONSUP (Love of Siam – Thailand)
Vishal DADLANI/ Shekhar RAVJIANI/ Pyarelal Ramprasad SHARMA (Om Shanti Om – India)
Alexandre DESPLAT (Lust, Caution – Taiwan/ Chinese Mainland, The / USA)
Xiao He (Mid-Afternoon Barks – Chinese Mainland, The)
SHIINA Ringo (Sakuran – Japan)

Charliebebs GOHETIA (Tirador (Slingshot) – Philippines, The)
HIRASAWA Shogo (Maiko haaaan!!! – Japan)
LEE Eun-soo (The Old Garden – South Korea)
Wenders LI (The Warlords – Chinese Mainland, The)
David RICHARDSON (Eye In the Sky – Hong Kong)

HYUNG Rae Shim (D-War – South Korea)
Thomas DUVAL (The Sun Also Rises – Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)
NG Yuen Fai (The Warlords – Chinese Mainland, The/ Hong Kong)
SESHITA Hiroyuki (Dainipponjin – Japan)
YAMAZAKI Takashi (Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 – Japan)

    oldies and too emo i’m starting to freak out

    This just struck me seconds ago while watching Dionne Warwick sing “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” on youtube. And I suddenly felt the spirit of the old, old songs inside my emo self. Simple lyrics (not even poetic), silly music videos, the infamous mullets and outrageous hair, but what the heck, I’m feeling oldies tonight. The good thing about it is I get to reminisce.


    I used to sing this to an ex, been telling him to sing this to his current bf at that time. Oh, there goes my dirty little secret, haha. Right, he was away from home and only I, with the loving arms of refuge, was the only space he endured.

    And argh, when it was time for my karma, I sang this song to someone else to think he wasn’t even that far away from me.

    I know that you’re with him just now as i write
    I know you need someone to hold you at night
    But I’m begging you, baby
    Please don’t fall in love
    I knew it might happen when i was away
    And now that it’s happened, i just want to say
    That I’m begging you, baby
    Please don’t fall in love

    I’m usually strong but i’m feeling so weak
    It wells up inside me, i cry when i speak
    But the more i call you on the phone
    The more i feel alone
    And the less we have to say

    We kissed at the airport, we said we could wait
    I believe it is we who determine our fate
    And i love you more than i can say
    Don’t throw it all away
    Don’t let it go by

    I know you don’t tell me, to spare me the pain
    Don’t want you to tell me, i don’t need his name
    That i’m begging you, baby
    Please don’t fall in love


    When I miss someone so dear, Elvis is on the whole day! Willie Nelson originally did this song but I like Elvis’ version better.

    Maybe I didn`t treat you. Quite as good as I should have.
    Maybe I didnt love you. Quite as often as I could have.
    Little Things I should have said and done.
    I just never took the time.

    You were always on my mind

    Maybe I didnt hold you. All those lonely, lonely times.
    And I guess I never told you. Im so happy that you`re mine.
    If I make you feel second best, girl Im sorry I was blind

    You were always on my mind

    Tell me. Tell me that your sweet love hasnt died

    Give me. Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied.

    Never mind the horrendous hair. But the dreamer that I am… Alright, nothing to say anymore.
    There was a time some time ago
    When every sunrise meant a sunny day, oh a sunny day
    But now when the morning light shines in
    It only disturbs the dreamland where I lay, oh where I lay
    I used to thank the lord when Id wake
    For life and love and the golden sky above me
    But now I pray the stars will go on shinin, you see in my dreams you love me

    Daybreak is a joyful time
    Just listen to the songbird harmonies, oh the harmonies
    But I wish the dawn would never come
    I wish there was silence in the trees, oh the trees
    If only I could stay asleep, at least I could pretend youre thinkin of me

    cause nighttime is the one time I am happy, you see in my dreams

    We climb and climb and at the top we fly
    Let the world go on below us, we are lost in time
    And I dont know really what it means
    All I know is that you love me, in my dreams

    I keep hopin one day Ill awaken, and somehow shell be lying by my side
    And as I wonder if the dawn is really breakin’
    She touches me and suddenly I’m alive

    Oh, in my dreams


    Been trying to research the title of this song for a really long, long time. I got to convince myself that Reo Speedwagon sang this and I really had a hard time looking for this over the internet. Finally, I won’t have to be lonely even though it won’t leave me alone. And I just discovered David Foster and Jermaine Jackson wrote this. Hmm.

    Why do I seem to be caught up inside a dream
    All my life, it’s always been my shadow and me

    Over my shoulder there’s always a voice somewhere
    Saying I never should try to set my heart free

    I wish that love would come and take me in her arms
    Show me what I’ve never known.
    Where I could hold someone words like right and wrong
    Just fade away like yesterday

    Lonely won’t leave me alone
    Lonely won’t leave me alone
    Why, tell me why, won’t even let me fall in love

    Oooooh everywhere I go always by my side
    Won’t even let me fall in love

    I try and say I love you but the words won’t come through
    In my eyes, see all the tears and sad memories
    Why can’t I start out new and leave that
    old feeling too far behind
    I guess that lonely needs company

    Around each bend of road
    I’m thinking that in time there
    will be that rainbow’s end
    But when I follow those self illusions
    I find that it’s only lonely and me again

    Lonely won’t leave me alone
    I wish that love would come
    Lonely won’t leave me alone
    And take me home


    A cute song that Richard Carpenter wrote (I heard Claire dela Fuente has just recorded her version in the US recently). This one can pass up as a soundtrack over a cliche boy-meets-girl slow-mo eyes-locked moments. Scene cut to… characters having porno sex. Kidding.

    There was a certain face
    That filled a thousand nights
    With all the sweetest dreams and promises
    Of paradise
    But that face was gone
    When the dawn would come and steal you
    Yet I still could feel you
    Waiting just a kiss away

    I’d surely know your face
    When love would cast its spell

    I’d recognize each curve and line of you
    I knew it well
    Now at last you’re here and I can tell

    Something in your eyes it seems
    Is all I’ve ever wanted
    (And) Something in your smile for me
    Is calling out my name
    Your eyes, it seems,
    Are mirrors of my dreams

    In ways I can’t explain
    And my heart will never be the same

    We never said a word
    As if we’d always known
    That through the bittersweet of waiting
    We were not alone
    Now we’re close enough
    For the touch of love to find us
    Fantasies designed us
    But they never really could
    Begin to measure you
    No pictures ever do
    And as I watch you framed in sunlight
    And a sky of blue
    I know what my life’s been leading to


    While writing some revisions for the script of ‘Kristo’, I suddenly had a craving for junk food. Oh yeah, the one that I vowed not to eat ever since the 1st of January. For several hours, I fought against the idea of buying one but my system got into me and I caved in.

    At three in the morning, I walked to the sari-sari store and asked for Mr. Chips. Oh yeah, one pack of the evil food, grated cheese, sliced tomatoes and ground beef… whoa, instant nachos galore. The old man said they had no Mr. Chips. Darn. Just when I was drooling over the thought of the best instant nachos at an unholy hour. I settled for Piattos instead.

    And still craved for Mr. Chips. Now, that’s double jeopardy.

    A few nights ago when I started working on Kristo’s revisions, I just had this sudden craving to kill my time. I’m not really an MiRC person (I Facebook and g4m myself) but I downloaded the program anyway and got in the chatrooms.

    My ad went something like “Any older, matured or married 30s-40s guy for fun tonight!”

    Only a few sent me private messages. I guess the older guys were discrimated against in the Mirc and my hypothesis was somehow proven correct when three out of the three who messaged me asked “why do you like older guys?”

    All I said was “craving”.

    I didn’t know if they understood what I meant because they kept on asking me the same question again. They really got me extremely bored so I popped myself out.  I was just trying to amuse myself anyway and wasn’t really in the mood for some “fun”.

    For almost a month now, I’ve been craving for Robert Gant. Yeah, he played Ben Bruckner, the HIV+ boyfriend of Michael in ‘Queer as Folk’. And the school principal whom Nicole accused of sexual harassment in ‘Popular’.

    Isn’t he hot! I liked him in QaF but something struck me when I saw him in their 2007 reunion lunch. Robert was just so cute when he came in late, bringing in some wine.

    His lips were so irresistibly yummy and his nose was… wait, is he Jewish?

    What makes him hotter is his advocacy for elder gays, supporting organizations like SAGE (Senior Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and GLEH (Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing).

    Now, those make me want to date him. Even more! Anyone who knows Robert, introduce me to him! Did I already mention I wanna date him!!!!!

    Here’s a part of that lunch reunion.  I wanna swallow him whole with that pink shirt on.

    Hohum, I’m feeling so coyote ugly. Remember what Lil said in the film when she was asked why she named her bar Coyote Ugly, she answered did you ever wake up sober after a one night stand, and the person you’re next to is lying on your arm, and they’re so ugly, you’d rather chew off your arm than risk waking ’em? That’s coyote ugly.”

    Now, I so wanna chew my arm off. Robert Gant!!! Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from misery!

    in-out, exit-entrance

    Di ko na mabilang kung nakailang bukas ako ng bag kahapon para sa inspection ng mga gwardyang may stick. Parang walang katapusang maze na papasok-lalabas pero alam mo naman na sa totoong buhay, hindi naman talaga nila iniinspeksyon ang mga gamit mo sa bag. Very pakitang-tao lang, bubuksan mo ang bag mo, ibovolunteer mo sa kanila, kikilatisin kuno nila ng konti pero di pa natatapos ang isang segundo… next!

    Magkasama kami ni Adolf kahapon na binaybay at nakipagbunuan sa daloy ng mga taong nagmamadaling umuwi, alas sais ng gabi. Point of destination, ABS-CBN, mula Makati. SA dami ng nilusutan namin, naging point of no return na halos. Labyrinth, ikaw ba ito?

    Una kaming pumasok sa Greenbelt 1, bukas ng bag. Inspection. Lumabas. Tapos pumasok sa Greenbelt 3 (3 ba yun? or 4? Basta, Greenbelt.) Pumasok uli dun sa may bandang may konsepto ng xray. Bukas ng bag, inspection.

    Akyat ng hagdanan, binaybay ang skywalk papuntang Landmark. Papasok dun, anghaba ng pila, bukas bag, inspection. Lumabas, pumasok sa Glorietta. Daming tao, siksikan, walang gwapo. Hay, buhay nga naman. O kung me gwapo man, di ko na napansin.

    Posible kayang sa dinami-dami ng tao dun, isa sa kanila ang soulmate ko? La lang. Random thoughts. Tapos, pag naging kami na, irireminisce ko yung araw na yun na nakipasiksikan ako sa linya papasok ng Landmark at sasabihin din niya, “oi, andun din ako. Nakatayo sa likod mo.” Huwaw. Para namang hindi ordinaryo ang makipagsiksikan sa mga tao para makapasok sa mall na yun papuntang MRT.

    Ayun, lakad lakad uli. Gwardiya ng Glorietta na naman ang kaharap namin. Bukas bag, inspeksyon. Para namang nag-iinspeksyon talaga sila. Tseh. Ampaplastik niyo. Akala nila andali magbukas ng sling bag!

    Gwardiya ng SM uli, bukas bag, inspeksyon. Di ko na nga matandaan kung sa male area o female area ba ako luminya dun, basta yun na. Tapos linya na naman para papasok ng MRT. Hay nako. Bakit mas nakakapawis ang linya sa mrt kesa sa Greenbelt? Ah, kasi baka aircon. O baka naman, mas masa ang mga tao sa mrt kumpara sa Greenbelt pwedeng nasa classes A, B or C ang mga andun. Ang mga pawis ng mga Greenbelt people ay nasasapawan ng pabango, fake man ito, genuine o Prescripto lang.

    Hay, grabe lang ang konsepto ng mga inspeksyon, nakakalula. Ganun din naman, nabobomba pa rin naman ang mga malls at ang mrt. I therefore conclude, walang silbi ang inspection.

    Pagdating sa ABS, narealize kong wala pala akong ID na pwedeng ipakita. Siyet, strikto pa naman dun. Buti naman at nagamit ni Adolf ang kapangyarihan ng charm niya. Hay. Narealize ko bigla na isa akong phantom, walang identity sa lipunan dahil nga wala akong ID. E wala naman akong affiliation, saan ako magpapa-id? Buti pa nga ang mga phantom sa klase ni Sir Avecilla, me classcards, me identification. Ako, ni isa wala. Huwaw. Naalala ko tuloy ang mga IDs na nanakaw sakin.

    San kaya tinapon ng mga holdaper yun? What if soulmate ko ang nakapulot nun tapos tinry akong kinontak? Pero malamang, of all odds, hindi soulmate ko ang nakapulot nun dahil hanggang ngayon, walang kumontak sakin. Sigurado akong, nilunod na sa mga basura ng Payatas ang mga id ko.

    Nakailang inspection kaya ako kahapon? Di ko na maalala. Kung ako nga, may modang pagkapagod sa kakabukas ng bag, kumusta naman ang mga gwardiyang may hawak ng drumstick at kunwaring nag-iinspect ng mga ito. Malamang, lampas outer space na ang burnout mode nila, kaya eto na, susupalpalin ko na ang sarili ko at wala na akong karapatang mag-angas.

    9 crimes

    I know this song is so yesterday but I just heard it this morning in my iTunes. Ayn had been raving about Damien Rice a few years back and though I liked ‘The Blower’s Daughter’, ‘Volcano’, ‘Elephant’ and his other songs, they just weren’t LSS songs for me. Meaning, they’re not the ones I could continuously listen to in one week (or a month) nonstop.

    ‘9 Crimes’ was released in 2006 from Damien’s 2nd studio album, 9. Lisa Hannigan, Damien’s long-time vocal collaborator really did a chilling job with this song. I reviewed Damien’s other songs from his other albums and they are really great ones (‘Rootless Tree’ from 9 is another great track). I wonder why this brilliant Irish artist didn’t make it to #1 in the UK (‘9 Crimes’ only peaked at #24).

    Here’s a video of ‘9 Crimes’, the concept of which reminds me of our Film 114 short film ‘Pulâ’.

    Been wondering what ‘9 Crimes’ really meant, the lyrics are metaphorical. But I guess it’s about cheating and falling out of love but just can’t say it. Both Lisa Damien sing the same lyrics all throughout the song.

    Leave me out with the waste
    This is not what I do
    It’s the wrong kind of place
    To be thinking of you
    It’s the wrong time
    For somebody new
    It’s a small crime
    And I’ve got no excuse

    Is that alright?
    Give my gun away when it’s loaded
    Is that alright?
    If u don’t shoot it how am I supposed to hold it

    Is that alright?
    Give my gun away when it’s loaded
    Is that alright
    With you?

    wish uli

    Aktwali, pareho lang ang xmas wish ko sa birthday wish ko.

    • Producer for “The ‘Thank You’ Girls
    • Macbook Pro 15″ so I can edit films anywhere! (a Powerbook 15″ may do)
    • Digital SLR (a Canon D40 perhaps)
    • Ipod video
    • Vacation in Bangkok
    Kahit producer lang ng Thank You Girls ngayong January, pwede na. Jerwin, let’s go!

    kainan, chef, atbp.

    Ansarap sa Oyster Boy. First time namin kumain dun nina Shitzu at Gavs. Wala lang. Gusto lang namin maglunch sa Dampa sa Farmer’s nung Dec. 31 pero wala masyadong ready-to-eat food nung mga panahong yun.

    Sayang, ansarap nung mga hipon at crabs na nakatunganga sa ibabaw ng mesa, nakalagay sa malalaking plastic na lalagyan, pinaluto pa yata. Parang magpapakain yata ng buong baranggay ang me ari nun.

    Lakad, lakad hanggang hindi kami makapagdecide kung saan kakain bilang alas tres na ng hapon at ngumangawa na ang ulcer namin. Umabot kami sa Dencio’s Araneta pero me iniiwasan kaming tao na coincidentally, andun, of all places. Ay, ako lang pala ang umiiwas.

    So napunta kami sa Oyster Boy. Craving lang kasi namin ang calamariiii (kalamareyyy) nung panahong yun. Ansaya lang bilang libre ni Shitzu. Sarap pag libre. Naramdaman ko lalo ang keso sa oyster, ang kalamansi sa tuna sisig, ang bagoong sa fried rice, ang bawang sa barbikyung manok, ang linamnam ng mga shells na nalunod sa sabaw (walang kasamang mantao bilang paborito lang nila Shitz at Gavs ipares ang mga yun).

    Sulit din pala ang mga pag-iwas-iwas sa mga taong ayaw makita. Parang gusto ko bigla mag-chef. O di kaya, mag-aral magluto. Wala lang.

    Speaking of chef, ang hot lang ni Rob Pengson. Hindi siya gwapo. Hot lang. Pwede siyang ikumpara sa mga panahong alas dos na ng madaling araw at nagkicrave ka ng Lucky Me pancit canton pero ang meron lang ay Nagaraya kaya yun na lang ang kakainin mo. Mabubusog ka pero hindi ka kuntento. Parang ganun. Hindi gwapo pero hot.

    Una ko siyang nakita sa show niya na ‘Chef to Go’ sa QTV 11. Konyotik magsalita pero ok na rin kasi mukha namang down to earth. Me commercials na rin siya. Balita ko, engaged na siya sa isang chef rin pero something tells me na hindi siya straight. Or iniisip ko lang na dapat hindi siya straight. Whatever. Wala lang.

    Basta hot siya. Pero hindi gwapo.

    Parang gusto ko tuloy magkaboypren ng chef. Yung hahandusay ka lang sa sala at tsaran, me inihain na lalamunin mo for dinner. So di mo na kelangan pumunta sa mamahaling resto (kung saan ambience lang ang kadalasan binabayaran) dahil may instant alipin ka na na magluluto sayo ng pagkain beyond pritong itlog.

    On that note, parang gusto ko rin magkaboypren ng doctor, nurse, physical therapist, dentist, lawyer, engineer, architect, economist, artista, model, painter, wedding singer, pianist, violinist, writer, fireman, policeman, navy, army, pilot, flight steward, politician, school principal, college professor, bodybuilder, bouncer, fashionista, social climber, lifeguard, veejay, deejay, internet hacker, seminarista.

    Wala lang. For variety.

    Rob’s pic courtesy of this site.

    there he goes

    Can you still remember we both wanted to be a doctor back in Kindergarten? We were one of those kids with “I want to be a doctor” sign in our yearbook hoping to make it big in Medicine. But as we grew older, we knew we couldn’t be doctors. The sight of blood weakened our knees and our parents couldn’t send us to med school. Such poverty.

    Can you still remember the times we used to cry because were not good sports? Always losing in our kiddie games made us feel worthless and weak and taking all the jeers from our playmates kept us home for days so we had to play cards and rubber bands the whole day. We’ve always wanted to become a volleyball player but nobody gave us the chance because we got bullied for our poor balance the first time we tried playing it. Remember we despised the karate lessons in our PE class, boy scout formations in the afternoon and industrial arts classes for boys?

    Can you still remember how we grew up to be latebloomers? While everybody were talking about sex and actually doing it, we were busy reading comics and showbiz magazines and became fanatics of Sharon Cuneta because our moms used to love her. That was way back when we knew she never lipsynched her songs and believed her dancing wasn’t horrible.

    Can you still remember that mango tree we used to climb? We sat there, singing songs or look at our half-naked neighbor getting dressed in his room. Those were the branches we used to swing on like monkeys. And how you almost fell on a Holy Friday, we were so frightened at the thought the devil might have pushed you. Had you fell from that mango tree, would you have become a hunchback like what our moms used to tell us?

    Can you still remember we always wanted to become disc jockeys in a local radio station and was really envious of our classmate who actually made it? We knew we were better speakers and that failure became reflective of everything that would happen in our lives from then on. We hated losing but we always ended up being at the end tail of things. Like being last had become a bitter habit for us.

    Can you still remember the faces that passed us by every single year we had to celebrate? Can you still remember the smile on their faces, looking at both of us thinking we are still the people they thought they knew. They didn’t have any idea how we’ve grown apart and our eyes were the only debris that made us so similar. Can you still remember their sarcasm, their joy of finding both of us but ours was not a feeling of mutual admiration?

    Can you still remember the cartoons we loved to watch?  How about the places we used to sit and laugh, the stories we shared, the fear we had that still haunts us? Can you still remember the smell of grass, the color of the river under the bridge we used to walked on as we go home? Can you still remember the color of sunset that greeted us, the sound of early night where we had to wash our feet and were forced to stay at home? Can you still remember the smell of dama de noche late at night while we lie down on our terrace looking at the stars?  Can you still remember that scar that reminded me of you?

    Can you still remember me? I dont.