online dating profile #2

im chinese look person, a very hot person, flexibe, i’m trying to identify my real personality) with an above average IQ (not a neird but may sense kausap and fast thinker), weird (i like doing things the other way around that sometimes people misunderstood my actions, well i love to explore that’s why), adventurous, friendly, a happy go lucky w/ a sluggish, naive, childish and moody personality that is unpredictable; serious but humurous, shy but out going, simple pero rock coyly and horny hehehe… I am just a simple person….and loves to do simple things. I think you just have to know me a little bit more. They say that I’m softee or something but I guess that’s just my personality very jolly and cheerful and sometimes they get to misinterpret or misunderstand it.I’m also an open-minded person…sweet,,,fun to be with…wants to hang out with my friends!! ul enjoy my company cause im a humurous one.I hate boring and corny persons..!! I dont love being judge by a person without knowing me frends keep on telling me that im a cute one..=flatering= of cors..but physical features dont matter to me anyway..!! I like real and simple persons..honest n understanding person! !!!!!!

evryone haz d sense of judging, but den sometimes it turn to rejection.i dnt nid to pretend who rily i am in diz community i am bisexual….. yes its ryt…….!its bad if i say dat im olwayz luking 4 hotnezz….! yap but i tink its too bad.
so u hotmen out der try some softspoken lyk me nd ul not regret in d end…..not after of those weaky experience but though,after of yumm4sure nd dats me……

im a very simple person, understanding, loving & hot….hehehehe….i look forward to a persons just also same as me…yung cute, mabango, malinis at masarap…katulad ko ..hehehe

Stop meeeeeeeeeeeeee!


5 thoughts on “online dating profile #2

  1. teka lang, naalala ko mahilig ka dito..

    see this. kuha ka ng maraming tissue. kakailanganin mo.

    Age: 24
    Status: Single Man
    Seeking: Friendship.

    Last here: 11 Dec 2007
    Profile ID: 490505
    Verification level: 2
    i do not let anyone describes me because of my face nor my body, for God has made me perfect and pure natural individual…

    ps. no no for seb’s..

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