life in a little black anonymous bag

Two hours before my scheduled flight, I packed a few pieces of tees and pairs of pants that I will be wearing for Batanes. I couldn’t decipher what I was feeling. Excitement and apprehension and numbness. We will be staying there for a month for a film shoot but I wasn’t sure if we’ll get there in the first place. I have this reservation about flying Asian Spirit. That name is my signified term for plane crash.

Yesterday, I went on a panic buying mode.  Had to buy the things I thought I’d be needing. Shorts.. Oh, I need skimpy shorts for the beach. Alcohol, I need some disinfection. A cellphone! I need a phone or I’ll be damned. A still camera! I need to buy one. Food, food, food. Dork.

I brought with me a few items, probably not enough to get me through the whole stay. Those are the only wearable clothes that I have because most of my shirts won’t fit me anymore. Reminds me I have to get rid of this belly but I’m too lazy to conform with vanity. I know I’m vain but I’m not vain enough to look perfect.

At the same time, I felt so guilty about leaving Karl’s thesis unfinished. I don’t wanna see him humiliated by the Thesis Defense Panel because his film’s editing sucks big time.

I also wanted to stay for a few more days so I could spend time with my Mom who will be leaving for Davao next week and my brother who’s leaving soon. We won’t be seeing one another for a long time, I’m sure. And I wasn’t able to bond with my friends. Sucks.

Oh God. Why does packing seem so dramatic?

The purple towel is still wet and I insist on bringing it but my bag is not big enough to contain it. An assessment of my belongings made me realize I’m not worth much as a person. If I were to be auctioned last night, nobody would raise a hand for me.

I wanted to travel light, I need to keep reminded. Not too heavy enough to cause a plane crash in case it faces a signal number three typhoon.

Just when everything started to sink in, I woke my Mom and brothers up and gave them my last instructions for the apartment. The leaving part wasn’t emotional though. Oh, a good sign.

Got to the domestic airport at 5am. I wasn’t late. I was so sure the nagging mouths who kept on reprimanding me for my prima donna complex would shut up but they never did. Such stigma. At least, I get to be the diva.

Upon boarding, the guards refused to let me in because I had no ID to show. Right. Thanks to the robbers, I wished them dead right then.  Oh, that was the time when a charming smile became handy.

When I finally got in, I received the big sign that said “Closed” under the Basco flight schedule.

Typhoon Ineng is having the time of her life in Batanes, up on signal number 2. So I have to be anxious for another day before I get to enjoy the simple life up north.

Deep breath.  I wish I was never that dramatic while packing up. The typhoon just spoiled the aftermath of my moment.


11 thoughts on “life in a little black anonymous bag

  1. i’d bid on you Bebs… 😀 and I’m sure so many others would compete with me to win you home as well! wassap!? maulan kasi kaya ka ma-drama no? hahaha.

    goodluck sa Batanes… wag kalimutan ang pasalubong kong damo!

    and oh, may ‘weapon’ ka na? coool!

  2. BEBS! GOOD LUCK SA BATANES!!! kunan mo ako ng picture ni ken chu naman o… please… im giving it to my friends… PLEASE!!!! ^_^

  3. shitzy, i know right? i’m gonna miss you more…

    kizay.. i will.. kung gusto mo, nakahubad pa kaming dalawa e..

    ely, salamat.. meron na nga akong nakitang mga bahay na bato e..though most of the structures dito, modern na… baka sa sabtang island sa kabila, marami dun.. post ako pics dito.. bagal kasi internet dito e..


  4. kizay… ano to, painting ni michaelangelo???

    gavs, i won’t aaliyah myself. sisikat pako.

    hi tj, salamat sa pagdaan.. hay, paraiso ang batanes. nognog na nga lang ako pag uwi. siyet.

    ey laarni, oo nag iingat ako. problema nga lang, yung iba hindi. musta naman yung driver ng service vehicle namin na grabe magpatakbo sa gitna na zigzag na daan sa gilid matarik na bangin na pagtingin mo sa baba ay ang surfing-mode na dagat na may malalaking waves.

    ps. hindi malangsa ang amoy ng dagat dito. pero masakit ang init. siyet. ayan, wala nako makwento. nasabi ko na lahat.

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