zombie day one

Haven’t slept yet since I spent almost 30 hours at Ricky Lee’s library editing Karl’s thesis. I am definitely not a bookworm but Sir Ricky’s book collection is so [out of adjective] I wanna stay there to read, read and.. sleep. I can imagine how wet the library’s banig and throw pillows will be with my drool taking for consideration my sleep deprivation.

In a little while, I’m going to Cubao for the ‘Nars’ 4am call time. This will go on for seven not-so-distant days to come. No, Caloi. I’m not killing myself. Just that, when projects rain, I become a masochist.

Been to Friday Film Bar at the Bernal Gallery in UP even early this evening [proof of attendance aka pictures coming soon courtesy of UP Cinema official camwhore, Eda]. ‘Todo Todo Terros’ by John Torres and Mark dela Cruz’ short Misteryo ng Hapis were shown. Congrats by the way ate Makoy for that Urian nomination. [so don’t whine now!] Cynthia Alexander also played.

The great Astro Bautista [indie’s star and soon to be mainstream world’s rising star] crashed the show, actually, cracked his usual antics and made us laugh I couldn’t laugh anymore. Alright, former thesis adviser Astro, thanks for proclaiming that I’m your [most, actually ONLY] favorite gay student in UP. Woohoo. Thanks for that pedestal, Sir. And being the person that you are, I know that accolade lasted only for as long as I was visible to you. Hurhur.

I had a blast after you asked Gavs if she’s lesbo, though.

Wait, this is the part where I’m supposed to be whining. But why should I when Cynthia Alexander’s voice still rings in my empty head? Gotta go.


13 thoughts on “zombie day one

  1. huwaw, san ang library ni Ricky Lee? Puwede ba ‘kong makapasok dun? hehe. syet sayang di ako nakapunta ng film bar (ayn! mimay!) haaay si cynthia a. huwaw big taym ka na ulet!!! haha. parang occasional lang ang konsepto ng big taym.

  2. bwaha. nabangag lang ako kagabi. kala ko malapit nako sa 10,000. e, nasa 9100 pa pala ako. e di yun magagawa ng isang gabi bilang di naman sikat ang blog ko no! buwhahah

  3. direk b! i cant believe we had endured all those sleepless nyts of shooting… i had a memorable experience wid u guys tho… c u soon bebz!

  4. verrrrrrnnnnnn! hay. grabe. sana magdilang anghel kana diyan sa term mo ha. dapat, soon na. ahhaha.

    sobrang nakakapagod ang shoot na yun! haggard. di ko mapigilan na ipikit ang mata ko, pakiramdam ko lahat ng aspetong pwedeng higaan, hihigaan ko.

    nag-enjoy naman ako. hehe

  5. hi sir!! uhmm so nkakapunta ka sa haus ni ricky lee..do you know his contact number?? i need it po sna..thanks po

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