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Right after the blood-drying exhaustion of editing ‘Tirador’ and ‘Sinungaling na Buwan’, I decided to take a break. An almost two-month hiatus that made me anti-social, a lazy retard and a blog addict.

Finally, I’m getting out of the house and I’m a raketista again. I’ll start editing Karl’s thesis later. For the next three days, buhbhye sleep. I hope I’ll do justice to his ‘Portrait of the Filipino as a Filmmaker’.

I have started with the casting for Raya Martin’s next feature. By Saturday, I’ll be a slave a.k.a. Script Continuity for Adolf Alix’s new feature (Adolf’s Donsol is RP’s entry to next year’s Oscars by the way. Grabe ka, Adolf. *aktong hinimatay*). And by October, I’ll be in Batanes the whole month for an Iza Calzado starrer. I’m gonna meet Iza!!! Woohoo.

Good thing I’m working my ass off again. I’m going to miss my bed for sure. And blogging for sure. And myself for sure.

During the two months’ break, I never got to finish that script I’ve been trying to write. I never got to start it in the first place! My new thesis concept is still a piece of idea and my tummy is a few inches wider. Damn, how sloth got the hell of me.

I’m gonna work again and my ass refuses to move out of my bed. Karl.. can we meet up at 5pm later instead? Hehe.


15 thoughts on “back to

  1. bahala na maging alipin, basta makakapiling ko si ken zhu dito!! buwaha.

    bananachoked, salamat sa pagbisita. .wonga e… pero ngayon lang ako makakapag out of town location actually.. hehe

  2. Tangenaaaa, kung wala lang ang hinayupak na Resiklong ‘to eh di sana kasama din ako sa Batanes. At dun natin susulatin ang Kristo. Hahahahaha.

  3. dimenic, buwahhahahhaa. lovet. mas naexcite ako ke iza kesa ke ken. buwaha.

    jerwin, cmownst! for more brasuhan dali na. masarap magsulat dun. go go go. research kana dali!

    bananachoked, sure jepoi.

    kizai, ipatattoo nako, u want? hehe

  4. f***********CKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! shet ka jod bebs!!!!!! i soooooooooo wanted to work with adolf for his new batanes project !!!!! he asked me and i couldnt because i was doing something else na and you’re there?

    maayu nalang wala ko

    kidding! !!!!! im sssooooooo sheeeeetttttttt !!!!!!!! fuckin ingit ko sheeeettttttt adolof + batanes + iza + ken. – bebs. bwahahahahaha is james with you in the project? got a copy of the poster of tirador na. at the very least, i loved tirador. what’s your email? ill send you a file

  5. benitaaaaaaaaaaa.. f***********************CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ka rin.

    buwhaahhahhaa. to think na behind the scenes lang ako dun.. nbuwhahhahhaa. i so love it!!!!

    ben, i like the tirador poster. and yeah, me hard copy nako. eto email ko.. isend sa ako ang soft copy ha.

    bleh. dah, nahaggard gyud ka sa dagaw no?

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