sir joven

You taught me what ‘pastiche’ meant.

Probably, it was the life you lived. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t dig much deeper. All I knew was that you were one hell of a great teacher. You always admired Susan Roces, no, wanted to be her. You’d always giggle just by mentioning her name.

You didn’t want to miss classes but you had to because your body took its toll on you. Our very early Thursday ‘Film Theory’ class made me realize how undisciplined I was but I had to attend your class and you didn’t mind me, us actually, getting late. I couldn’t forget how you made me choose between doing a paper about ‘Ally McBeal’ or ‘Queer as Folk’. ‘Ally’ was basically a pastiche and that was a not-so-heavy decision to make.

It was the one and only chance I had with you. Semesters after you lent Dohna a handful of ‘Queer as Folk’ Season One vhs tapes (while I was drooling), you were robbed of the opportunity to teach the younger batches who would forever wonder why they missed half of their lives not seeing you in class.

You previewed ‘Pantasya’ in the computer where it was edited, weeks after its premiere. You still hadn’t lost that childish giggle that made you so cute. You didn’t even bother watching the whole film and asked me to take you to where the ‘action’ was. You must have a high when you left the studio that night. And that was the last I saw you.

For good.

Yesterday, while I chose to spend the whole evening dreaming, you chose to die. Peacefully. In your sleep.  In that place, would have been a ‘pastiche’ of feelings and I wonder what you dreamed about before you breathe your last.

I think I just have to remember you the way you should be celebrated. I won’t dig deeper.

We love you, Sir Joven Velasco. You would have surely won the ‘Most Liked UP Film Professor’ award, no doubt. Rest in peace.

And oh. Thanks for the 1.00 grade you gave me for Film 171. Thanks to that ‘Ally McBeal’ paper. Such pride still haunts me. It always reassures me that no matter how people treat me like some dirt in the ass, I know I’m better than them because only a few can get a perfect grade for a film theory class like yours.


8 thoughts on “sir joven

  1. i had sir velasco for my film104 (genre) at sobrang galing niya. sobrang galing na kahit nakakatakot minsan pumasok sa klase niya, papasok ka pa rin. siya rin ang nagbigay sa kin ng kumpyansa sa pagsusulat. ‘di ko makakalimutan.

  2. the last time I saw him, he was waiting for a cab in front of CMC with his tungkod. He called on me and asked me what happened to my diplomat endeavour. Nag-usap kami ng matagal. Baligtad pala kami ni sir. Ako film ang tinapos pero magdidiplomat. Sya naman, something to do with diplomacy and tinapos pero nag-Film. Oh well. Antagal nung kwentuhan. Yun na pala yung huli.

  3. feeling ko, lahat tayo walang horror stories ke sir joven. anggaling niya, ambait pa. at kahit nung time na di na siya faculty, willing pa rin siya mag advise ng thesis.

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  5. oh, i have one horror story, or not really horror naman kasi it was half my fault. ang wuss ko lang kasi, dapat tinanong ko na lang siya kung bakit ang baba ng grade ko sa film100 eh pinaghirapan ko yun and I expected something higher. owel. but I forgave him nung film121 when he gave me an unexpected 1.0 naman. haha.

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