nevermind nirvana

Kurt Cobain action figures will be released sometime this month. Aw. Will the gun be purchased separately?

Nirvana’s 1991 album is one of the best albums ever produced, selling over 25 million copies worldwide and counting. In it are the smash hits “Smells like teen spirit”, “In bloom”, “Come as you are”, “Lithium” and “Polly”.

Nevermind’s album cover shows a baby swimming toward a bill on a fishhook. According to Cobain, he conceived the idea while watching a television program on water births with Grohl. Cobain mentioned it to Geffen’s art director Robert Fisher. The fishhook and dollar bill were also Cobain’s idea, albeit initially suggested as a joke. Fisher found some stock footage of underwater births but they were too graphic, and the stock house that controlled the photo of a swimming baby they had settled on instead wanted $7,500 a year for its use.

Instead, Fisher sent a photographer to a pool for babies to take pictures. Five shots were yielded and the band settled on the image of a three-month-old infant named Spencer Elden. However, there was some concern because Elden’s penis was visible in the image. Geffen prepared an alternate cover without the penis, as they were afraid that it would offend people, but relented when Cobain made it clear that the only compromise he would accept was a sticker covering the penis that would say “If you’re offended by this, you must be a closet pedophile.” The alternate cover image is featured in Michael Azerrad’s Nirvana biography Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana.

The hook, line, and dollar were superimposed later anyway. Kurt Cobain and wife Courtney Love after seeing the photo, agreed that they would take Spencer out to dinner when he got older. Elden’s parents allowed their son to be photographed for $200. [source:]

Spencer Elden is now 17 years old and on August 16, 2007, Elden announced that he felt like a porn star. “It’s kind of creepy that that many people have seen me naked,” Elden said. “I feel like I’m the world’s biggest porn star.”

Here’s Spencer, then and now.


4 thoughts on “nevermind nirvana

  1. ang angsty naman nito! haha. nakita ko yang si spencer sa isang interview sa mtv, one hundred greatest album covers ata. grabe rin ang naging epekto nun sa pagkatao niya. parang ewan.

  2. nagtaka nga ako kung bakit hindi niya kinaya maging anonymous e. sa 17 years, pwede naman siyang magpaka invisible e. or he chose to publicize himself na rin siguro.

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