the murder of manila

Mayor Alfredo Lim has just successfully killed Manila. The first ever agenda that he implemented right after taking over as the city’s Mayor was to destroy all the projects that his predecessor, former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, started. First major casualty: Roxas Boulevard.

Its obvious that Lim’s reasons are not as valid as he claims. It has something to do with politics for sure. Or extreme hatred towards Atienza. I don’t know how dirty their race had become during this year’s election (Ali Atienza as his father’s proxy) or it could have rooted way, way back but whatever the hell it was, Lim should have been more than irrational. I must admit that despite the poser that he was, Atienza made a damn good job in making Manila a friendly city to go to at night.

Sure, during his term, there were still heartless tiradors roaming around Quaipo ready for their prey or prostitutes offering their privates along Ermita but Atienza took a big step in beautifying Roxas Boulevard. That part of the city, as I’ve been reminded, was a ghost town at night, with squatters, burglars and other dark creatures lurking around, something like ‘Babae sa Breakwater’. Anyway, we get the picture.

Atienza had the area lit and lured businessmen to put up stalls and restos along the bayside. The move attracted foreign tourists and encouraged locals to rediscover the fascinating beauty of Manila Bay’s sunset and the fun of dining beside a nicely lit and loud (but peaceful) body of water. It was a colorfully tourism genius for nine years and a big chunk of the city’s income must have been taken from the goings-on of Baywalk alone.

Now, just because he wanted Atienza to psychologically suffer, he bent his wrath to something that, if he’s in his right mind, he had developed instead. He imposed a liquor ban on the gimik spot first. Not satisfied, he went on extreme insanity by demolishing all the establishments and stalls along the park just this morning. I am not sure what happened to the colorful street lights that were there. I have no way to verify, the late night news didn’t say anything. It’s raining so I couldn’t go there myself.

Lim claimed the stalls had no business permits, the residents were allegedly complaining about the loud sound at night and Baywalk was a haven for crime. Stupid. So plain stupid!!! I was tempted to throw feces on his face while he was saying that in the news. The residents he was supposedly talking about were the hotel occupants and as far as I know, there’s a police outpost stationed near the park just in case they’re needed. I’ve never heard of a serious criminal incident during Baywalk’s beautiful days (like a dead body floating or a rape victim left dead) except of course for that infamous pictorial involving starlets hungry for publicity.

I’m not a Baywalk fan. I must have been there around twice or thrice but I know that it’s a good place for tourism. C’mon Mayor Lim. Can you say you’re worthy of the people’s trust and respect? You just kicked more than a thousand people out of their jobs, deprived Manila’s chance for economic growth and the right of millions of Manileños to enjoy THEIR place. THEIR city, Mayor. Not yours.

Simply because of a stupid political rivalry. Now, BE HAPPY AND SLEEP CALMLY TONIGHT AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR TERM!

Why didn’t you start with cleaning up Quaipo and Tondo’s criminal paradise. That’s where you claim you’re good at right? Or at least, improve the city’s garbage collection and disposal services. Hopefully, someone puts some sense in his head. This Mayor, er, POLITICIAN needs direction!

Three more years is a long time for Manila residents to suffer. Much much shorter though compared to the time the nation suffered when Lim was still having the time of his life in the Senate. Such pity. I just can’t take it when something beautiful dies just so easily. I feel so helpless because I’m not even Manila voter. What’s next, Mayor?  Avenida?

By the way, if I’m missing tomorrow before sunrise, I’m definitely abducted and you know who’s behind it.


14 thoughts on “the murder of manila

  1. omg, really? wow. di naman ako pumupunta baywalk pero sana di niya tinganggal ang mga lights kasi at least it made the area more…perky. parang sayang ang pera na ginastos years ago. ano ba raw plano niya gawin sa area, then?

  2. yun ang catch dun. wala siyang sinasabing plano o kung anumang damage control ang gagawin niya dun.

    sayang talaga ang ginastos plus ang income na dapat pa sana ma-earn ng manila dun.

  3. as a 19-year resident of Manila, i felt obliged to comment on your post, not that i am really active in these discussions but it seems that our city has become a product of carelessness and mismanagement that saying something about it doesn’t help anymore.

    mr. alcarazen, my professor in landscape architecture theory, points out that it is really a wrong move in lim’s part. and i whole-heartedly agree. the traffic in avenida just got worse, since he ‘demolished’ the plaza that atienza ‘furnished’ and got millions of money from, but that’s another story.

    although i still believe that lim is way, way sensible than atienza, taking out those billion-peso lights in baywalk and leaving thousands of workers dependent on that area unemployed, is a shame.

    well yet, i wish to come up with an entry to support that but my ideas are all on the floor, scattered.

  4. okey. dahil umenglish ka bols, tumambling ako.

    pareho silang walang kwenta. nakakainis lang isipin na ang totoong biktima ay ang mga residente ng manila. wala na akong masasabi. nakakagalit lang.

  5. hi Bebs,

    Silip lang ko kadali sa imong site ha? NINDOT! I will be back next time. and God bless you and good luck on what looks like an exciting career trip for you! ayuayo!


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