Catch Me I’m Fallin’ – Toni Gonzaga

So, here’s the formula for a great, well-thought of Pinoy pop music video: the singer with fabulous make-up wearing the latest fashion trend (half-naked with oil or wet white polo and linen pants for male singers); an easy-to-accept fact that the artist is bad at lipsynching (with the exception of lipsynch master Sharon Cuneta); a studio with a bit of production design (ergo, any background or set which is apparent in ABS-CBN telenovela themes, chroma keyed in some lazy instances); TV-ish lighting; two to three kinds of basic camera angles (ergo, beauty shots); slow-motion; some graphic effects; videoke gestures; and a music video director who calls himself a filmmaker. Oops! An artist. And voila, the perfect video is ready to top the MYX hits chart.



13 thoughts on “Catch Me I’m Fallin’ – Toni Gonzaga

  1. sya yung direktor? homaygali. e apo siya ni nestor de villa e. wala lang. bilang superfan ni nida-nestor. haha. astig naman, pumapranses hahaha.

  2. bagay naman yata sila. i-give na natin kay toni yun bilang andami ng nalink sa kanyang chorva na nauuudlot palagi.

    uy, kumoment! hahahahaha… :p

  3. baka naiintimidate sila ke toni bilang tao. at ang bidyo ang dineconstruct ko ha. hmf.

    oi, gavs. nagpapahiwatig ka ba ng link?

  4. meron kayaaaa.kumusta naman ang tela, ang capiz shells at ang studio rental?? di ba? di ba? di ba?

    e bakit tayo, kahit walang budget, me modang “ingenuity”? weeeeeeeeeeeeeh. oo, binuhat ko ang bangko mo, hindi sakin. wiiiiiih.

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