best actors?

From an Inquirer article yesterday, a 100-member panel selected the 15 Filipino Best Actors of ALL TIME. Of all time. I don’t agree with their list, as well as the article’s writer, Nestor Torre.

Torre cited some of his personal choices in that article and I’ll post my choices some other day when I have the time (I don’t agree with some of the choices).

The members of the panel are unnamed by the way. And the criteria were not explained.

In the meantime, here’s their list (in no particular order):

1. Vic Silayan

2. Dindo Fernando

3. Jay Ilagan

4. Dolphy

5. Cesar Montano

6. Christopher de Leon

7. Aga Muhlach

8. Eddie Garcia

9. Phillip Salvador

10. Michael de Mesa

11. Piolo Pascual

12. Johnny Delgado

13. Richard Gomez

14. Mark Gil

15. Bembol Roco.

Here are Nestor Torre’s comments, taken from his article and I quote:

“Very definitely, Ruben Rustia deserves to be cited as one of the best. In an impressively wide range of movie roles, he created textured characters of great subtlety and emotive power.

Tony Santos Sr. is another definite “should include.” As his lead roles in film classics like “Biyaya ng Lupa,” “Anak Dalita” and “Badjao” proved, he was vastly credible and empathetic in “everyman” roles that contrasted radically with the “tisoy syndrome” that ruled the Filipino movie industry’s star system from the ‘30s to the ‘60s.

In the same vein, how could we possibly leave out Jose Padilla Jr., who was known for his larger-than-life portrayals in movies like “Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo?”

Ditto for Van de Leon, who delivered powerful performances in “Roberta,” “Taga sa Bato,” and “Kamandag.” He won the Famas best actor trophy twice, and even in supporting character roles, he stood out because of the intensity and raw realism of his performances.

Let’s not forget Pancho Magalona, whose compelling performance in “Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig” was truly memorable. He was also cited by some US critics for his gritty portrayal of a downed Korean pilot in a Hollywood film.

Similarly an outstanding thespian was Vic Vargas, whose versatility in the course of a long and varied career was impressive to behold. From action films to sex comedies, he could do them all to a fine turn!

We must also mention Ronaldo Valdez, whose own depth and range is exceptional. Some people may dismiss him as “just” a character or sitcom actor, but he’s really much more than that. Aside from his dramatic roles, we admire his truly witty gay characterizations on film, which benefit from his exquisite sense of comic timing.

It really is too bad that all that talent is being put to use mostly in undemanding cameo roles on TV — but then, Valdez isn’t the only competent thespian who’s being taken for granted by the entertainment industry these days.

In addition, we must also cite the power and versatility in the film roles essayed by Manuel Conde, Oscar Roncal, Tommy Abuel, Leopoldo Salcedo, Joel Torre, Ricky Davao and Nonie Buencamino.

So, why didn’t some of them get on the list of 15 best film actors? Partly because many of their movies are no longer available for viewing and reviewing. That’s a big tragedy that we continue to ignore — to our great loss.

Instead of coming up with lists, therefore, can’t we instead focus our energies on helping improve the miserable film archiving and restoration system of the Filipino movie industry?

What good are great actors if their work can no longer move, benefit, and inspire succeeding generations of film lovers?”


6 thoughts on “best actors?

  1. richard gomez???

    sayang rico yan died before he could make more movies. if he had lived he would have been one of the more interesting, and not to mention, best actors of the generation. not that he isn’t one of the best actors of our generation but parang kulang pa yung body of work niya. he could have done so much more.

  2. who acts better? piolo or rico? i don’t agree with piolo on the list.. and some others that i have to list down some time..

    distracting kasi ang dimples ni rico (pati ke aga) so usually, nalilimit sila sa pacute roles..

  3. bebs, i agree with you that piolo should be on the list. medyo hilaw pa siya, in my opinion.

    i’ve also read the article and i very much agree that most of the best actors have been left out because they are 1.) sobrang matanda na at nalimutan na ng madla or 2.) they play only supporting roles. i guess this points were stressed by torre’s choices. hehe

    i’ll be waiting for your list. 🙂

  4. kirkay, tsaka hindi ganun ka-diverse si piolo para ilagay sa ganung klaseng pedestal.

    ang konsepto kasi sa’tin ng best actor, laging lead role. mostly, ang mga character actors are not considered “best actors”.

  5. well, piolo is certainly one of the better actors in his genre/age group. eh well, i don’t think it’s entirely his fault na hindi pa ganun ka-diverse ang talent niya kasi nga hindi rin diverse ang mga roles na inooffer sa kanya or kinukuha niya. our mainstream cinema is not really the place to look for diversity.

    oo nga, if they wanted to make a list of best actors, they should have made a list of BEST ACTORS and not BEST LEADING MEN. How can Joel Torre not be on the list? shame. shame.

  6. yun nga e. yung konsepto naman kasi nila ng actor e, mainstream.

    plus, sa dami na rin ng actors na lumalabas sa indie, mahirap na rin kasi magseparate kung sino magagaling at kung sino hindi kasi usually, mga indie actors, lilitaw-mawawala rin. walang staying power.

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