sinungaling na buwan

I just need to believe that Murphy’s dead. And so am I.



Bakit ang computer kung kelan ka nagmamadali tsaka pa magka-crash?


Tarantula – Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins
Directed by: Paul R. Brown

It’s the psychedelic return of the Pumpkins. Or at least half of what’s supposed to be the grandest reunion of the year (sorry, not the Spice Girls). Without James Iha (guitar) and D’arcy Wretzky (bass), the reunion is pseudo-orgasm, at least for the video.


kumatok ka ba?


Kung kelan pa’ko nakapagmove on, dun ka pa nagparamdam uli. Para kang engot. Di ko na nga kinakanta ang ‘Over It’ e. Na ilang libo ko ring paulit-ulit na pinapatugtog sa laptop ni Jerwin habang nababangag at nauubusan ng dugo sa kakaedit ng ‘Tirador’. Na in return, ilang libong beses rin niya akong pinagtawanan over it. Over na ako sa’yo, ok? Wag ka nga.

Inerase na nga kita sa phone book ko, senyales ng paglimot tapos umaalingawngaw na naman yang pamilyar mong numero sa tsipipay kong selepono.

Sana nagparamdam muna ang kaluluwa mo di ba, bago ka bumulusok ng text diyan na parang walang nangyari ilang buwan na ang nakakaraan. Wala kang karapatang nakawin ang konsepto ng Ressurection mula sa Panginoon kaya sana hanggang mag-apokalipsis, di ka na mabubuhay.

Komplikasyon ka lang sa buhay ko e. Wala kang pinagkaiba sa ibang basura ng mundo (a.k.a. Wendy Valdez). Alam kong bored ka lang kaya ka nangungulit. Parang dati rin.

Tapos, kani-kaninang nagkaron na’ko ng lakas ng loob na buksan ang magulo mong pwenster, ayun, bumulaga sa’kin ang mga piktyur mong nagsusumigaw ng pag-ibig mo sa isa pang ex mo. Pwe. Sana man lang pangalan ko ang nakalagay dun no.

Wala lang. Masaya lang isipin na kahit papano nagsuffer ka rin pala. O bitter-bitteran ka rin. But no. Magsama kayo ng ex mo! Mga ebak.

Demanding ka pang kelangan kong sumagot sa text mo. Wag ka nga. Wala akong unli. At wala akong natatandaang me ‘time frame’ tayong dalawa. Bangag ka ba. Hindi ako ang kausap mo nun. At kung sinuman siya, sabihin mo sa’kin at ipapa-assassinate ko. Tandaan mong hindi tayo sina Deborah Kerr at Cary Grant sa ‘An Affair to Remember’.

Hay. Sa susunod ha, kumatok ka muna. Para me preparation ako sa mga bagay-bagay. Tapos kung magpaparamdam ka, siguraduhin mong manlilibre ka at hindi yung bagot ka lang at kelangan mo ng kausap. Pfft.

cinemalaya 2007 schedule

The highlights in RED are the films I edited. The highlights in BLUE are the films my friends are part of.

Cinemalaya 2007
Philippine Independent Film Festival
20 to
29 July 2007
Cultural Center of the Philippines
Festival Schedule


Cinemalaya 2007 Awards Night

(Open to the Public)

Venue 1 – CCP Main Theatre / Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo

07:00 PM

29 Jul/Sun

The Cinemalaya Film Congress

Theme: Harnessing Technology for Artistic Expression

Day 1

Venue 2 – CCP Little Theatre / Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino

24 Jul/Tue

8AM to 5PM

Day 2

Venue 2 – CCP Little Theatre / Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino

25 Jul/Wed

9AM to 5PM

Cinemalaya 2007 Opening Ceremonies

Special Screening: FOSTER CHILD by Brillante Mendoza

Venue 1 – CCP Main Theatre / Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo

07:00 PM

20 Jul/Fri


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best actors?

From an Inquirer article yesterday, a 100-member panel selected the 15 Filipino Best Actors of ALL TIME. Of all time. I don’t agree with their list, as well as the article’s writer, Nestor Torre.

Torre cited some of his personal choices in that article and I’ll post my choices some other day when I have the time (I don’t agree with some of the choices).

The members of the panel are unnamed by the way. And the criteria were not explained.

In the meantime, here’s their list (in no particular order):

1. Vic Silayan

2. Dindo Fernando

3. Jay Ilagan

4. Dolphy

5. Cesar Montano

6. Christopher de Leon

7. Aga Muhlach

8. Eddie Garcia

9. Phillip Salvador

10. Michael de Mesa

11. Piolo Pascual

12. Johnny Delgado

13. Richard Gomez

14. Mark Gil

15. Bembol Roco.

Here are Nestor Torre’s comments, taken from his article and I quote:

“Very definitely, Ruben Rustia deserves to be cited as one of the best. In an impressively wide range of movie roles, he created textured characters of great subtlety and emotive power.

Tony Santos Sr. is another definite “should include.” As his lead roles in film classics like “Biyaya ng Lupa,” “Anak Dalita” and “Badjao” proved, he was vastly credible and empathetic in “everyman” roles that contrasted radically with the “tisoy syndrome” that ruled the Filipino movie industry’s star system from the ‘30s to the ‘60s.

In the same vein, how could we possibly leave out Jose Padilla Jr., who was known for his larger-than-life portrayals in movies like “Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo?”

Ditto for Van de Leon, who delivered powerful performances in “Roberta,” “Taga sa Bato,” and “Kamandag.” He won the Famas best actor trophy twice, and even in supporting character roles, he stood out because of the intensity and raw realism of his performances.

Let’s not forget Pancho Magalona, whose compelling performance in “Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig” was truly memorable. He was also cited by some US critics for his gritty portrayal of a downed Korean pilot in a Hollywood film.

Similarly an outstanding thespian was Vic Vargas, whose versatility in the course of a long and varied career was impressive to behold. From action films to sex comedies, he could do them all to a fine turn!

We must also mention Ronaldo Valdez, whose own depth and range is exceptional. Some people may dismiss him as “just” a character or sitcom actor, but he’s really much more than that. Aside from his dramatic roles, we admire his truly witty gay characterizations on film, which benefit from his exquisite sense of comic timing.

It really is too bad that all that talent is being put to use mostly in undemanding cameo roles on TV — but then, Valdez isn’t the only competent thespian who’s being taken for granted by the entertainment industry these days.

In addition, we must also cite the power and versatility in the film roles essayed by Manuel Conde, Oscar Roncal, Tommy Abuel, Leopoldo Salcedo, Joel Torre, Ricky Davao and Nonie Buencamino.

So, why didn’t some of them get on the list of 15 best film actors? Partly because many of their movies are no longer available for viewing and reviewing. That’s a big tragedy that we continue to ignore — to our great loss.

Instead of coming up with lists, therefore, can’t we instead focus our energies on helping improve the miserable film archiving and restoration system of the Filipino movie industry?

What good are great actors if their work can no longer move, benefit, and inspire succeeding generations of film lovers?”

wuy, pahiram..

Kung sino me dibidi ng “Lord of the Flies” (1963 and/or 1990 version/s).

I wonder why it’s not in the AFI 100 Greatest Films of All Time.  Or were these films bad adaptation (as almost all the others)?

jolog pala ha! (super konyo strikes back)

Today’s Current Emo Mode: We Used To Be Friends – Dandy Warhols

Foremost, let me declare some very, very crispy eee-weee to the jolog crowd. You know. That part of the populace that was like, being tawagged as “baduy” in the 70s and “bakya” in the 80’s. Iiiii-wiiii talaga.

Like my ex boyps tawagged me as a “jolog” was not degradation enough ‘no. He didn’t kinda explain pa why he tawagged me as such! Giiiir. So inis talaga me. This heart of mine was kinda bleeding talaga po. Because of his kaburgisan, he made mata-mata lang my tatsulok role in the social status as if I’m not paying the taxes to the gobyerno like he does. So pakingshet talaga that guy. Hmf.

I was’t able to tulog in my makeshift kama talaga that night. Am I a jolog ba because I only suot some tsinelas and my soo kakadireee fingers in the paa are not cultured in some spa for the paa salon and was an ex-almost-ingrown-victim? Gawd. I so remember I always tsinelas myself (not Havaianas) even if I go to pangmayaman places like restos in Makati, The Fort, Timog and Ortigas. Eni eni, people were like eeee-wing to my luya-like toenails talaga. Ineees talaga them. O ayan! Here’s my talampakan. You amoy na the singaw coming from my pawisin foot.

Or am I some jolog kasi the only mall I’m familiar with is like SM lang and not some Rockwell or Rustans? Eeeee-weee. I even still ligaw myself when I ikot in the Glorietta no! And such shame na I wasn’t able to go pa to that Market Market sosy place. (Like market is often associated to pobre-ish palengke. And naming such dapat sosy place Market Market is so ridiculous. Whoever came up with that idea!! Just because it’s the English translation of palengke, sosyal na!). O di kaya, in some Greenbelt where I often see so many Pinoys of all kinds making kapit-tuko to their foreigner boyps, notwithstanding their guy’s innate racial amoy and obesity. Giiiiir. Dayum. Gash ha, in the amoy pa lang, these malls are obviously catering na to the different genres of the people of this pakingshet Pilipins no.

Speaking of that sosyal Rockwell once. I was with my other ex boyps, some tsekwa in the making. I was in my ever reliable tsinelas (cue: Yano song). Then the gwardya, a part of this eeee-weee jolog crowd, sita me in front of the people and almost didn’t make me enter! Yaaaaaaaaaak talaga. So I flaunted na lang my fake English accent and gaya my ex boyp tsekwa’s accent. So there, I halo-halo all the accents I knew so I could come up with a foreign language so the gwardiya would be convinced I’m a Vietnamese or Thai foreigner na. Hay. Grabe. I’m not a matinggera naman noh that I will nakaw eni eni inside that pakingshet mall. Or baka they didn’t want some tarnishment in their sosy reputation and their burgis crowd afraiding themselves because some holdupper/squatter looking jolog was roaming around that Rockwell.

And I thought, was I a jolog because I adik myself to local tv shows, some tagalog driven plots, stories and acting that are meant for katulongs and tinderas and all the members of the working class that have nothing to do at night but watch tv? Gash talaga. These elitistas, they fancy themselves with Hollywood stuff, they are being pakalunod by its katae-han coz they think it’s kind of a civilized version of entertainment compared to the pangkatulong soap operas and fantaseryes. And they claim that eeee-weee, “I don’t watch Tagalog movies no!” Sige na nga, payn. Pakshet you all. Most Hollywood tv shows may be great but most Hollywood films are tae in everything no. They’re just glossy but their films are mostly comparably tae with the Pinoy films. Kaya, all of you elitistas who love Hollywood films but don’t watch Tagalogs, pakyu.

Gash. Now that I thought of it na, probably my ex elitista boyps thought I’m jologs coz I mura my mouth like all the squatters who live beside their rich village. Eeee-wee. Like I always say tangena or pakshet or siyeeet as pronounced. Without the pretentious English accent pa. And I subsitute “hey” with “wuy”. Gash. Wonga no. Never did I sabi some “so fetch” or “ayt” and not even did I say “kain na me” or “wat gawa u” in the text. Huwaaaaaah.

If these were so, then I’m a jolog alright. But then again, why do I have to be hiya myself being called so. Like majority of the Pinoys in the universe are jologs. If this term they coined to downgrade their tingin to the masa and separate themselves as gods in the tatsulok status quo, these minority elitistas are MORE jologs and are the real jologs actually, for being worshippers of foreign ideas other than their own—and por dat, they’re educated na daw, intelehensiya crowd na. You know, some high-brow art only they can appreciate kuno. They think highly of themselves because they dala some branded things in their bodies but the truth is, they also ebak and sungkit their kulangots like anybody else.

Most importantly, the masa who coined these elitistas as “coño” are very brilliant. My konyo ex boyps, flaunting his riches, loving this term as he is being tawagged by it not knowing that “coño” is the Chavacano word for puke. Buwaaahahaha. Belat (some pun intended coz bilat is the Visayan version of puke also).

Haaaay. Yawn.. Yawn..

Eeeee-weee! Eeee-weeee!!!  Kadereeee!!! Some lacoste making a “tsk tsk tsk” sound over my kisame jumping over my face!!! Eweeeeeeee.

without a trace

Word reached me he is somewhere, laughing. He must have been happy when he left that night. Or his baggages were there, his eyes just sealed them.

The mocking silence that followed when he vanished was not a surprise, considering he loved being predictable. But it still struck me, dumbfounded, as if not used to it.

I’m alone again.

today’s bebsism

Sooner, I’m going to be famous.  And I’ll never gonna remember that today is a disaster and sometime later, I’m gonna fuck up like all my days past.