the greatest narcissism

Ben introduced me to the greatest form of self-love early this year: Google-ing your own name.

Since I found pleasure in actually affirming my name’s existence, I’ve been habitually Google-ing myself at least once in a while.

As of this afternoon, this was the first site that appeared if you Google “Charliebebs”:

I was even surprised to discover that I’m in imdb! And surprise, surprise, this blog is gonna appear first if you search “bebs gohetia” and even “gohetia”! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

There are at least thousands of Bebses in the world so when you search “bebs”, you’ll get this one. What the heck was that anyway? I didn’t bother understand the site. That wasn’t ME anyway.



6 thoughts on “the greatest narcissism

  1. astiiiiiiiiiiiig. 🙂 o si murphy ba, may ganyan? walaaaaaa. ay meron pala. pero kunwari na lang wala hahahaha.

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