that cold place

Three weeks and counting.  I’ve been passing thru the same pathway, subway and alley in that part of Makati, at any time of the day, in any weather condition, in any political situation and the rise (or fall) of the dollar and the instability of the stock market.  I’ve been there.

I used to hate Makati.  It’s world still revolves around pretentious people, filthy rich ones who have nothing to do but bum around Starbucks, shop their asses off, overdressed queers who look down on their fellow queers who don’t wear the same brand of tops they wear or go to the same gym they fuck around at, high-end shops that cater to those who can afford them and restaurants where rice queens are potato queens dine.

The place reminds me of the things that I want but I cannot have.  I still hate Makati now, just not as much though.

For the past weeks that I’ve been going to and from Ignite where I’m editing “Tirador”, I was part of Makati in all its faces.  From the moment it sparkles with the sunrise, I head home with the callgirls and callboys who are enveloped with the smell of cigar and loads of accent.  Or the moment it wakes up at nine in the evening, the traffic starts to get to your nerves, the lights surround the place as if to tell us we are a rich country.  Or at dawn when almost a few feet are alive, the almost cold morning breeze takes away the hatred I used to have for this place.  And along with it, the guilty pleasure of listening to Air Supply while the bus driver is eager to face an unglamorous death on the road.

But as I pass through the subways along Paseo, I saw the beauty of Makati.  It’s a cold place alright, with no sympathy for the poor but when I walk beside the semi-dark building, the unusual stillness it has during dawn is a relief, a detour from its wickedness with an aromatic lure that is not synonymous with crispy money.

It somehow assures you that it embraces you with its warmth or welcomes you with a sincere grin because you belong.

I don’t know.  I have so much biases against Makati.  I learned to love it the past weeks I’m there.  I’ll be working for another more week there. We’ll see.

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