the blordin night

Special mention for my Shitzy, er, whatta term.  It’s actually cute.

I’m trading my sweet ‘Tirador’ torture for an expectedly exciting night watching the final performance of American Idol Six’ Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks.  I hope they deliver.

Tomorrow’s result is going to be intertersting.  While Jordin banks on her youthful charm and diva approach (and Jim says she’s a Fundamentalist, an anti-abortion crusader), Blake relies on his ability to choose the right repertoire and experiments almost limitlessly (when he fails, we often forgive him because he’s blazzzzzzzzzzzing hot!)

I didn’t get the chance to watch all episodes for this Season but Jordin, of all Idol hopefuls, is the one who often leaves a mark in every performance. 

For me, Blake’s best was his ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ performance (it’s wasn’t a spectacular vocal I know but when I watched him then, I knew he’ll go places in the competition).  Blake knows how to push the right buttons.  And he’s blazzzing hot.

The good thing about Jordin is that she didn’t lay all her jackpot cards in the beginning.  Sure she’s a good singer but during the early episodes, Jordin was devoured by more hyped contestants:  Sanjaya, who believe me, is this Season’s Jasmine Trias (well, almost.  Had he reached as high as Top 5, I was ready to spilly my conspirary theory.  Actually, Indians are the new Ethnic Phenomenon after Latino and Chinese the past years), Haley Scarnato (who used her sexuality in her performance to lure votes), Antonella Barba (who unfortunatlely, didn’t use her bad publicity to gain public sympathy) and Lakisha Jones (who poured all of herself so early she had to suffer the effects of the Law on Diminishing Returns).

Blake on the other hand, had to experiment and reinvent himself each week.  He knows which genre he’s good and he knows that if he’s gonna stick with the same style each week, he had two weeks to stay and he’d be gone.  That must have been the reason why Blake savored a beatbox performace to kept the audience excited and guessing as to what he would do next.  

The waiting was actually worth it.  Blake did a good job in reconstructing ‘You Give Love a Bad Name (much to the irk of Bon Jovi).  He had the best hair reinvention for this season (and not Sanjaya’s faux-mohawk!) by coloring his blonde hair black with highlights.

What’s interesting is that neither Jordin nor Blake is a Southerner (a pattern for American Idol winners and probably American presidents too?). 

I love Blake more than Jordin but I guess Jordin will win.

Jordin captures the votes of the parents who want their kids to be like her.  And she’ll get votes from young girls who can relate to her bubbliness.

Blake will get the votes of screaming girls and men who.. love Blake. Gawd, reminds me of that homoerotic moment when Chris Robertson was booted out.  Did MY Blake have to cry so hard like that?

Here’s the catch.  Though Jordin will win, Blake will have a more lucrative career ahead of him (analogy: Reuben Studdard and Clay Aiken, haha).  Alright, Jordin can be sing pop but for her young age, she can’t pass up for a diva.  Producers will be at a lost at how Jordin will be marketed. 

She’s can’t be packaged as a sexy diva like McPhee nor a country diva like Carrie.  She can’t be Kelly neither.

Questions are raised though if Blake’s too much independence will be able to work with 19 Records, in case he wins.  But recording companies will soon be running after Blake for a record deal though.

Though he won’t win, he has a clear career path.  He’s hip/hop or RnB.  He even said that he wants electronica pop as his first album. 

Guess that’s one thing Jordin lacks.  A total package.  And she suffers from temporary charisma (one that lasts only until her stint on American Idol is still on.  Read: Taylor Hicks).

So, go Blakey! I just hope you won’t end up to be another Bo Bice.


18 thoughts on “the blordin night

  1. I’m not very sure about Blake’s career getting up there. I actually would be surprised if ever that happens. And can i just say that he bastardized Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad name? Ugh. Bwahaha. Reinvention? Nah. His beatboxing will be the most fleeting fad you”ll ever witness. Nakakapagod na kasi e. Alam na nating lahat na yun ang gagawin nyang “reinvention” sa bawat kanta nya..Ergo, undermining the true meaning of reinvention. At saka for some reason, hindi ko nakikitang may ii-improve pa ang boses nya. =P

    I don’t think Jordin needs a “total package” at the onset. Ewan ko. From the looks of it, Jordin’s voice, her charisma, her humility, and her great great stage presence are enough for her to carve her own niche, and that “total package” will be created in the process. I think she only needs one hit. After that, they can start building her up in accordance to whatever the public sees of her as a performer. Though I don’t really know how the business works. Well, i know it traditionally starts with the package. But, oh well, just being optimistic =P

    oh, well. let’s just see what happens.

    *waves her Jordin banner*

  2. what about ‘my girl Melinder’? wahahaha. ekspekted na naman na mananalo si jordin nung finale. at can i just say na binaboy ni kelly clarkson yung sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band? o kung siya man yun dahil antok na antok nako nung nanunuod ako.

  3. haha…more homoerotic moments between chris and blake nung finale night. la lang.

    anyway, i don’t think blake totally destroyed You Give Love a Bad Name. i thought his take was fresh, interesting and creative. But yeah, i see mimay’s point na if he does that with every other song he sings, it won’t really be ‘creative’ anymore. on the other hand, artists like picasso or frida kahlo or dali painted the same style in their paintings but each is still different and special in its own way. the challenge for blake is to find that balance and not just randomly beatbox to every song. and he has to learn some new dance moves. really.

    my problem with jordin is first of all, aside from her youth, there’s nothing really that spectacular about her. time may prove me wrong but that’s what she needs – time. i felt the same way about josh grobin a couple of years ago because no matter how good his voice was and how good he sang songs, i just didn’t buy it. i didn’t feel the heartbreak in his voice, and to sing all those grown-up songs (a la andrea bocelli), he needed the heartbreak. there were some performances of jordin that were just so obviously performances, she was just imitating heartbreak, not feeling it. plus i think that jordin only sings well during the power ballads and can’t survive in other genres. but again, she’s young and has a lot to learn still.

    which brings me to melinda who i think has the balance of technique and emotion. yes, sometimes, she was a little bit on the bland side but then there are those amazing moments (hello, My Funny Valentine, I Got Rhythm, Trouble is a Woman, Have a Nice Day and one other song i’m forgetting right now but will probably remember if i check out yoshke’s blog but too tamad to do it) when she sings like that, you know it’s from deep within. and not to mention the fact that she’s more versatile than blake or jordin put together.

    but oh well, what’s done is done. we’ll see what will happen in the next couple of years. and in defense of Taylor, i watched him perform in some talk shows and he’s really really good. i think he had the “packaging” problem because unlike Katharine who’s instantly marketable, he’s not. I hope his career gets better because he does deserve it.

  4. oh, this is quite a discussion =P hahaha.

    mahal ko rin si Melinda mula pa nung una. pero nung huli mas mahal ko na si jordin. hihihi. si melinda kasi maraming mahuhugot emotionally kaya ganun. si jordin naman since bata pa sya, mejo contrived nga yung bawat emosyong makikita mo. at least, andon ang effort. mahirap mag-method acting for that. nyahahaha.

    dat’s ol powks.

  5. ayn, uhm it’s josh groban. not josh grobin.

    ANUBAYAN? YUN NA LANG BA ANG TRABAHO KO DITO? Magcorrect ng maling spelling ng mga pangalan?!?

  6. i think ayn meant it as a joke.. or did you, ayn? hahaha. si lupin nagiging lupawn. wahaha. at saka di mo kelangang magkorek ES, di ka naman sinuswelduhan ni bebs e. ahehehe.

  7. hoi, pyhican! ur such an oc.. oo na, oo na.. richardson.. robertson kasi ung nasa dulo ng dila ko nung sinusulat ko to e..

    actually, what melinda lacks is the package.. she’s another fantasia, waiting to sink..

    i dont think blake will beatbox every song.. alam niya kung kelan niya ibeatbox, kelan niya gawan ng bagong style at kung kelan niya ipafalcetto ang mga bagay bagay… at alam niya ang kapasidad niya as a limited (non-birit singer)

    we’ll see in a couple of months who will sell more.. blake or jordin..

    and bakit kelangan pa niya umiyak habang kinakanta ung song sa final performance aber?

  8. alam mo bebs, sige nga, pag napapalibutan ka ng ganun kadaming tao, kahit hindi ka na kumanta, iiyak ka rin.

    Sorry kung parating nabibring up, she’s only 17. Twas really overwhelming. It’s something you wont understand kasi you’re like… er… 30.

  9. fuck you dimen! walang kinalaman ang edad sa pag iyak or whatever.. that’s the most tae statement i’ve ever read/(heard)

    o weno kung 17 siya! kahit ikaw na-hilawan sa pag-iyak niya no! wag ka nga!

    tirisin ko muka mo e.

  10. well, personally i prefer to judge by talent and not marketability. so yes, in a world where “image” is everything, people like melinda, fantasia and taylor are most likely to “sink”, it doesn’t mean that they have any less talent. and most people lose themselves to their “image” anyway, kaya nagkakagulo sa hollywood ngayon. and that’s why so many tragic things are happening to the youth today. i only hope that jordin will be mature enough to deal with it.

    and yoshke, sorry tao lang. nasanay lang siguro ang fingers ko typing the -in at the end kaya di ko napansin. i only wish i thought of it as a joke, but no, nagkamali lang talaga ako.

  11. true, na-fake-an din ako nung simula sa iyak ni jordin. Pero naisip ko kasi, kung ako sya, tas ganun pa yung kanta, malamang maiyak din ako. ahahahaha.

    Dont get me wrong, love ko rin si Blake, pero tama lang na si Jordin ang manalo.

    Ayn, keri lang. wala lang ako magawa. anghahaba kasi ng comments nyo ni mimay so nagcopyread na lang ako. hahaha.

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