that phone

Yes.  That obsolete Nokia 3510 cellphone was just stolen.  Exactly an hour ago.  Perfect.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of that phone but I just didn’t know how to dispose it.  Second-hand cellphone stores won’t accept it for trade-in, I’m sure.  My friends will definitely refuse to take it as a gift and my younger brother has a better looking cellphone so he’s off the list of volunteer takers.

I was walking along Cubao, beside Gateway in particular.  Oh yes.  That posh mall where pretentious social butterflies flock for coffee, clothes and movies.  Geographically, beside that is a notorious place where prostitution, one-night stands and robbery happen. 

Voila.  Someone took interest on that piece of garbage.  Unfortunately, an hour ago wasn’t the best time to have it stolen.  I wasn’t able to create a back-up of all my contacts and these people were in the process of making my life miserable when the robbery happened.

Just when I wanted to be miserable (simply because it was important at that time), the cellphone was not mine anymore.

On my way to the MRT, I was thinking if the robber realized the low marketability of my phone and considered giving it back to me or threw it out of digust.

Whatever.  I’m hungry and I don’t feel the loss.  I will just have to deal with the wrath of the people who are making my life miserable for not replying.  Just when things have to be done ASAP, I’m out of reach.