back to where

Whenever my UP classmates invite me for a chill, I always have these template replies ready: I’m at Dante’s (office), I’m tired, I’m sleepy, I’m lazy, I’m editing.  Trust me pwends, I’m not bluffing when I tell you that.  Either one applies or those happen all at the same time.  Eventually, they got tired of sending me their planned and/or impromptu invite.

I’m just devoured by my anti-social sense of self.

But when my alipin Rex a.k.a. Lilip graduated last Sunday, I didn’t pass up the chance to crash his graduation party that night. 

Which reminds me of the stranger I met that same night, told him about the party and asked me, “What’s the theme of the party?”  I almost bombed my fart off and the most I did was give him a two-minute stare, images of me strangling him until he grasped for this breath, flashing before my very tantalizing eyes. I said, “graduation theme”, of course with sarcasm, that plastic knife the fastfood provided was screaming for a chance for me to grab him and stab the dimwit ten times on the chest, twenty on his back and a hundred on his tiny crotch.  Such wit, dimwit.

Uts, Dimen (I just dragged), Gavina and new graduate alipin Lilip ready to devour Lydia’s menudo.

Oily faces of Uts and Kirarat Gavina.

Anyway, after that “graduation-themed party of this Lilip’s”, Gavina, Uts, Dimen and I went to Starbucks Morato to “chill out”.  Alright, I miss being with you guys, I must admit it.  Is it still a wonder we get addicted to one another <as termed by Shitzu>, going out some places several nights after that? Make me laugh more often, cmownst!

Death by Cutie. Inside the taxi on our way to Morato.

Utong killer and testosterone me.

Pieta with an orange motif.

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2 thoughts on “back to where

  1. DOWNCHALAB MY OILY FACE! HAHAHAHAHAH! kadire ampota!!! lintek na summer, tinutunaw ang taba ko.. pero natutuwa ako’t sumasama ka na samen ni kirarat. haha.

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