‘foster child’ alipin mode

Gawd!!!! Wish I don’t look as heygard in normal life! Waaaaaaaah.

collage-c0llagan lang….

Camwhoring now….

Art Dept alipins Harley and Deans with a Korean royalty…

Kinikiliti ang pwet ko…

Modang bangag sa Hospicio de San Jose with PD Ben and aliping Deans…
Sakit ng balakang ko, potah.

Ampapanget niyo! Pwe.

Ang boobs ni Deans ay may lumps… may lumps, may lumps, may lumps.

Some Coco Martin now and Sir Bing Lao.

Some NGINIIIIG of me.

Direk Dante giving instructions to Cherry Pie Picache and Alwyn Uytingco…
Ako ang okatokat.

Ako ang chroma.

Ang ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Can you see my luga therewith?

More Foster Child behind the scene pics at my multiply account.


2 thoughts on “‘foster child’ alipin mode

  1. wala lang. iwas looking for pics of coco martin to have an idea bout what he wud wear for our film. then i saw this,, ngiii…

    wala lang. kabado mode. -for the shooting. bet ang saya nyo.

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