It’s like almost but not quite.  Or perhaps but not really.  Torn but not devastated.  Waiting but not expecting.  Needing but not aching.  Longing but not asking.  Scared but not shaking.  Hungry but not chewing.  Happy but not singing.  Dead but not redeemed.  Explored but not innocent.  Abused but not taken.  Slipped but not injured. Narcissistic but not vain.  Empty but not wanting.  Itchy but not barren.  Crowded but not choked.  Hanged but not marked.  Licked but not wet.  Hot but not boiling.  Surprised but not gawking.  Whore but not lustful.  Sudden but not retrieved.  Sinful but not proud.  Dirty but not sharing.  Damned but not sometimes.  Deleted but not tested.  Seen but not traced.  Written but not remembered.  Hard but not ready.  Lifted but not recognized.  Paired but not aware.  Different but not personified.  Used but not screaming.  Grieving but not sobbing.  You but not we.  Goodbye but not going.


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