the irony of them all

Bebsism’s current emo mode: These Dreams (live) – Heart

Oh, Shitzu, Shitzu. I miss you. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss this song.   I thought of this when I got home last night after a tiring edit session with Rex.  His thesis didn’t demand any edit at all, but the process was oh well, hohum.

Tomorrow’s the Thesis Defense by the way.  Rex is scheduled on the second day. Good luck, ‘te!

Anyway, one way or another, at any point of my life, I got caught in at least one of these life’s ridiculous jokes.  Such funny ironies I didn’t think they were funny until I pondered on it last night.

  • Loving two extremely different people at the same time; 
  • Loving someone when he’s already gone;
  • Your current boyfriend is the same guy your former fuckbuddy cheated on;
  • Your exes are coincidentally, now lovers;
  • You discovered your current love was your kindergarten bully;
  • Dating a guy you met at a funeral;
  • You discovered your current boyfriend was the third party who caused the break-up between you and your ex;
  • You discovered your current boyfriend left his ex for you. His ex happened to be your ex too.

Argh. So there.


2 thoughts on “the irony of them all

  1. 😛

    I love the live version of the song! Thanks for introducing it to me. Hehe.

    Bebsss! Missu much!

    “Dating a guy you met at a funeral” –> how… cinematic.

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