two films and stoned

I wanted to scream so they’d hear me say “I’m fucking tired and I wanna rest!”

Break is a leisure. And ‘rest’ is a Pontiac that I will never ever acquire even if I work for it my whole life.  I didn’t get enough sleep since Sunday ‘coz I had to fnish ‘Pantasya’ for its Premiere Night last Tuesday.  (The number of audience turn-out was good but got mixed reviews.) 

The stress Pantasya gave me was never soothing.  For a month, I edited Pantasya simultaneously with ‘Foster’.  Both films shared similarities.  They underwent several processes after the shoot.  While creative changes were made during the shoot of Foster, Pantasya was modified after the rough cut was screened.

Pantasya is a sexy film.  Actually, it was intended to be distributed straight to video.  Because it was more daring than other pink sex videos that starred ‘Men of Provoq’ and ‘Viva Hot Men’, Pantasya is different.

 The creators realized that Pantasya should go beyond the usual sex video that’s meant to tiltillate.  They decided to put some sort of a ‘story’ in it, something of an ‘accessory’.  Thus, the voice-overs were added.

I am not sure how many people inside the UP Film Center liked the film but after each episode, the homos were flocking towards the rest room. Dunno what they were doing there (initially, to pee for sure) but there are things your imagination knows what happens after watching two men having sex on screen.

‘Foster’ on the other hand, is extremely different.  It’s a film with real-time narrative, using long takes for its form.  It’s a story of a family who acts as a foster family for abandoned children who are waiting for adoption.  The story happens for one day, from morning till midnight, the journey of the foster mother who takes the surrogate son to his would-be adoptive parents.

During the process of doing the film, I learned a lot from the think-tanks of Foster.  Surprisingly, this is produced by Seiko Films.  So, Seiko can finally say with pride, “if it’s from Seiko, it must be good.”

Editing one film is stressful enough.  It takes a lot of your time you just wake up one day, you don’t know how the world had become without you.

But editing two films at the same time, whoa. This week is my hell week.  Pantasya on Tuesday was so stresful ‘coz I had to rush the corrections done by Direk the night before and was anxious while waiting for the DVD to completely burn before the Premiere Night.  It was done at 6:30, thirty minutes before well, ‘take off’.

I was so nervous the whole time the film was screened because I had no time to check if there are glitches.  Luckily, there was none.

Yesterday, the day after Pantasya’s premiere, I was told that ‘Foster’ had to be finished ASAP. Because they are beating a deadline.  And ASAP was yesterday. Wow.

I spent the whole day doing the fine cut of the film, trying to please the creators, filling in my editing lapses.  Several revisions and a screening with Roadrunner’s Manet Dayrit that evening, another set of corrections had to be done.

Finally, we finished at 3am. I was sooooo exhausted I forgot my face was oily and my lips were dry and my soul was in hell.

Today, I intend to rest.

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