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Bebsism’s current emo mode:  Define – Hilera

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I took the MRT on my way to Roadrunner this afternoon.  I didn’t want to make a lasting impression on Boss Robbie Tan, so I had to rush for the 1:45 pm appointement.  The train at Boni was approaching and voila, a petite girl in green had her flat ass, taking her time kemboting in front of me, blocking my way.

Potah. Why do most people love to strut their dirty asses in narrow places like these when there are people behind them, running for their sorry lives?  MRT alleys are meant for busy feet with bodies that put most of their energy literally pulling their weight in that jampacked train.

I wanted to pull Ms. petite girl-in-green’s hair and push her to the rail and let the MRT do the job for me.  Flawless.  I would have loved to do the same for coño kids, overdressed homos, vain metrosexuals, politicians and Cristy Fermin. Lovet.

Just had no time.

Instead, I politely excused myself beside Ms. petite girl-in-green with my ever sweet, caring voice…’excuse me’. 

You’re not supposed to step on the yellow lane when the rain is still running but I paved my way for the princess and after hearing my sweet ‘excuse me’, tangena lang. Parang di ko kakayanin ang punchline sa English, kaya eto na.  Ayun, sumigaw si potah ng sobrang lakas.

I’m not damn Frankenstein, you Smurfette, and you had to overreact like that.  I saw her, thru my powerful peripheral vision, covering her mouth. I was so embarassed I had to run I didn’t dare look back, wishing I pushed her to the rail. Would have served her right.

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