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It’s hot, hot, hot.  Summer breeze is getting into everybody’s nerves now and while most people are preparing their asses off for a burning adventure in Baguio, Boracay or Puerto Galera, I’m stuck in Mandaluyong.  Burnout, 100 strands of hair left and a workwhore.

Having no time for my own life is becoming my life already. Thus, a minute of earwaxing is already a luxury. (I’m blogging! Pfft.)

These are the things I WISH I could do this summer. Dam-et.  Will any genie of any gender grant me this wish!

GO TO BANGKOK. I could have been there already, cruising along Silom, painting the area pink had the Bangkok Film Festival pursued last January.  Since it was postponed ’till June (or July this year), all I could do is drool over the fact that some people can fly to Bangkok in an instant.

Waaah. I wanna feel the Soi 4 experience.  Bangkok has a very colorful gay night life and I’m too excited to know how many men will be running after me in a night.  Not that I’m planning to take them all to bed, but whoa, self-esteem, c’mon.  I should keep a tally sheet then. ‘Coz I don’t intend to go back to the hotel exhausted and empty handed. Pun intended.

Besides, it’s fun to cruise around when nobody knows you.

GO TO QUIAPO.  And pirate DVDs. For the loser that I am, the last time I’ve been to pirate paradise was November or October last year. Buying pirated DVDs is orgasmic.  I cannot wait to grab copies of the complete series DVD of Queer as Folk, Six Feet Under, Alias, Ally McBeal, Charmed, Wonder Woman, Arrested Development. And updated copies of Ugly Betty, Supernaturals, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Amazing Race.

Dam-et maderpader pakengshet. Where have I been!

REVISE MY SCRIPT.  After making it to the Cinemalaya 2007 semi-finals but not to the Top 10, I knew I could have written a better, tighter script if I had ample time then. I vowed to revise the one I submitted so I could finally say, ‘hey fuckers, bad thing you didn’t include me in the Top 10. See what an indisposable script I have? Lick it!’

But no. How can I rewrite it when I even forgot how to write my name anymore!

GO HOME TO DAVAO. The best cure for work burnout is to go back to your hometown and smell the air that lets you remember that you were a child once in your life.  I miss durian, fresh veggies and fruits that I just pick from our yard.  The dusty road, the beaches, my friends, kinilaw, grilled tuna, mangoosten.

This is too nostalgic my mucus is keeping my tissue busy.

PREPARE FOR MY THESIS.  Sheeeeeeeeet. Officially, I’m a year delayed. Thank God, no more classmates and friends to burden me by asking when I’m gonna do my thesis.

Yes buggers, I’ve been planning to my thesis. And I WILL do it. Why don’t you boogers ask when will Herman, James, Dax, Bolitas and Mimay do theirs too? Bwaha.

Which reminds me, I have to work my ass off NOW so I could save up and finally be able to do the best thesis ever done in UP Film Institute.

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