“I tried to be monogamous with you.”
A friend’s boyfriend, during a heart-to-heart talk after their break-up.


“Let’s just pray that the audience is kind…”
Robbie Tan, to a Cinemalaya Director, whose film wasn’t really well-made. 


“To avoid damaged on your hair, below 18 years old is not allowed to relax.”
A note posted on an Index Salon branch.
Source: Pikoy


“Excuse me boss. You have a text message”
Philippines’ most popular message tone.


defense, pizza, pritility

Bebsism’s current emo mode: Goodbye My Lover (acoustic) – James Blunt

Listen here:

I went to UP Cine Adarna to give support to my friends who had their Thesis Defense yesterday and well, today.  Been a year since my infamous “I had no funds, I couldn’t do my thesis” line. Being there was sort of nostalgic, though I didn’t sit on the same area where I was last year.  (Uts, remember we sat beside each other, supporting our batchmates, while consoling ourselves for being the ones “left behind.”)

I arrived at 2:30 pm so I missed the films that were shown earlier.  Based on what I’ve seen yesterday and today, here are my favorite films:

BINGIT by Maikel Cardoz.  A political film about a researcher who did a research on what goes on at the highlands.  A girl drowned in a river who was believed to be killed by a monster of some sort and a madman named Nognog was pointed out as a suspect.  In the end, the researcher discovered how everything was set-up by the military and things that happened to her after that became parallel to what happened to the girl in the beginning of the film.

Maikel did well in his direction.  Jaja Arumpac’s (who’s also my thesis’ Cinematographer–go, Jajing!) shots were breathtaking.  Jaja’s expertise on handling landscape shots and night scenes really astounded the audience.  Maikel’s take on silence and the understated acting was superb. 

It was funny how the Panel loved the film because they didn’t really understand it.

I guess this is the strongest contender for Best Thesis this year. Yan ang CINEMAster! Congrats, Kardotch.

By the way, I hope Kardoth would take my suggestion on putting a shot or a short offscreen dialogue before the researcher was drowned.  That could answer the questions why that shot was placed in the end. 

TUTOS by LA Yamuan.  I honestly didn’t expect LA to come up with a tightly sewn story like Tutos.  LA, I perceive, was an underdog, with her more visible batchmates, taking the limelight all the time.  LA took the spotlight with her simple story of the relationship of a father, her boyish daughter and their tailor-employee.

LA alluded the story of the father and her daughter, the father and his employer, the employer as a second father to the daughter to sewing and writing a story (over the typerwriter).  Sir Nick (Tiongson) was right.  The subject matter was rarely tackled.  It was sort of a familiar take on something not too common. 

The storytelling was fluid.  There were many, many dissolves as time lapses but they worked.  The actors were good with their understated acting.  They were handled well.  Sol’s cinematography had the right blending.  Editing for the first two minutes was jaggy but it was well executed after that.

I was just disturbed by the Voiceover in the beginning where the Narrator referred to the protagonist as his brother, but they were not really brothers.  That statement was kind of misleading.  LA could rephrase it.  Other than that, the film was good.

THE TEAR STEALER by Eric Declaro.  Eric’s six-digit pesos animation was fabulous!  The 2D/3D animation is the story of Stella and her partner who exchanged his love for his ambition to possess the powerful Elixir from the seductive crocodile.  The Elixir will make him immune to the burning ladder that will lead him to the beautiful constellations.  That, in exchange for the last tear that Stella put in a vial that she wears wherever she goes.

The mythical film reminded me of the snake’s temptation of Adam in the Garden of Eden.  It was wonderfully scored by whoa, Vincent de Jesus.  The colors were bright, the script was beautiful and lyrical.  There were some portions thought that I couldn’t hear the narration because it was overpowered by the musical score.

Eric, for all its worth, you came up with a good film.  Best Animation, eh!

LILIP by Rex Yadao.  Not because I edited this thesis but it merits a commendation for its simplicity and treatment.  Rex and I had an endless debate on which version to submit-the one with the dark lighting or the one with the brighter lighting-the darker, more textured version finally made it to the cut.  There were pros and cons on each version, though. 

The one with the brighter cinematography had sure camera works but the darker version had a lot more texture plus the camera panned back down to the point where it started, so it made more sense to choose it over the other.

The Panel was right when they said that it was brave of Rex to defend a film with a one-shot, one long take form, but the film’s simplicity and deep statement blew them away.  After Ma’am Anne ditched Rex’s storyboard for its non-experimental approach, I thought, it was the end of Rex.

Though I would have opted for the film to be done based on Ma’am Anne’s suggestion, still the final Lilip was pulled off.  This film even blew me more than the other films with complicated concepts but were poorly done.  Call that pretentious.

It was gracious for Eric to treat us over pizza (after a little shoving! bwaha.) Thanks Eric.  I hope to see you next sem, all of you, for hopefully, a thesis defense for those “who were left behind”. And I shouldn’t forget your promise: a standing ovation with a one-by-one-followed-by-another-until-it-becomes-a-chorus clap.

Damn, by that time, I hope I’d be able to say, I really deserve that. Bwaha. Go thesis!

the irony of them all

Bebsism’s current emo mode: These Dreams (live) – Heart

Oh, Shitzu, Shitzu. I miss you. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss this song.   I thought of this when I got home last night after a tiring edit session with Rex.  His thesis didn’t demand any edit at all, but the process was oh well, hohum.

Tomorrow’s the Thesis Defense by the way.  Rex is scheduled on the second day. Good luck, ‘te!

Anyway, one way or another, at any point of my life, I got caught in at least one of these life’s ridiculous jokes.  Such funny ironies I didn’t think they were funny until I pondered on it last night.

  • Loving two extremely different people at the same time; 
  • Loving someone when he’s already gone;
  • Your current boyfriend is the same guy your former fuckbuddy cheated on;
  • Your exes are coincidentally, now lovers;
  • You discovered your current love was your kindergarten bully;
  • Dating a guy you met at a funeral;
  • You discovered your current boyfriend was the third party who caused the break-up between you and your ex;
  • You discovered your current boyfriend left his ex for you. His ex happened to be your ex too.

Argh. So there.

worst filipino film titles of all time (pt.2)

Still from daug.

251. Ligaya katumbas ng buhay (????)
252. Ligaya… Pantasya ng bayan (2002)
253. Lihim ni Madonna (1997)
254. Lihim sa likod ng buwan (1984)
255. Linggo lang ang pahinga (????)
256. Linlang (1999)
257. Lollipop (2002)
258. Loretta (????)
259. Love and Desire (1998)
260. Lucio San Miguel: Walang kaluluwa (1998)
261. Lupe: A Seaman’s Wife (2003)
262. Mabango (1997)
263. Machete (????)
264. Madame X (2000)
265. Magagandang hayop (????)
266. Magdalena S. Palacol Story (????)
267. Magkaagaw (????)
268. Magkapalad (1997)
269. Mahal… saan ka natulog kagabi? (????)
270. Makamandag na bango (1996)
271. Malagkit (2003)
272. Maldita (????)
273. Malikot na mundo (1999)
274. Ma’m, turuan mo ako (1998)
275. Mamasan (2002)
276. Mana sa ina (????)
277. Mananayaw (1997)
278. Manoy, hindi ka na makakaisa (1984)
279. Mapagbigay (2000)
280. Mapanukso (2003)
281. Mapanuksong hiyas (1997)
282. Mapupulang labi (2003)
283. Mapupulang rosas (2002)
284. Mapusok (1998)
285. Maricris Sioson story – Japayuki (1993)
286. Marita Gonzaga (1995)
287. Marital Rape (2001)
288. Marupok, mapusok, maharot (1978)
289. Masakit, huwag mong ipilit (2001)
290. Masamang damo (1996)
291. Masarap ang unang kagat (1998)
292. Masarap ba ang bawal (2002)
293. Masarap habang mainit (2000)
294. Masarap, masakit ang magmahal (????)
295. Masarap na pugad (2002)
296. Masikip mainit… paraisong parisukat (2002)
297. Masikip, masakit, mahapdi (1998)
298. Matamis hanggang dulo (2003)
299. Materyales fuertes (????)
300. Maton at ang showgirl, Ang (1998)
301. Matrikula (1997)
302. Maui: Sex Goddess (2004) (V)
303. May gatas pa sa labi (1997)
304. Medrano (1996)
305. Miss, gabi na (1998)
306. Misteryosa (1999)
307. Modelo (1997/II)
308. Molata (1999)
309. Mortal Sin (????)
310. Motel (2003)
311. Mrs. Eva Fonda, 16 (1976)
312. Ms. Kristina Moran, ang babaeng palaban (1999)
313. Muntik ng maabot ang langit (1997)
314. Musmos (1985)
315. Nag-aapoy na laman (2000)
316. Nagbabagang labi (1996)
317. Naglalayag (2004)
318. Naiibang hayop (????)
319. Nakalimot sa pag-ibig (????)
320. Nakaw na sandali (????)
321. Nakaw na sandali (1997)
322. Naked Nights (2001)
323. Naked Paradise (1985)
324. Nanabik (1996)
325. Nang gabing mamulat si Eba (????)
326. Nang mamulat si Eba, part 2 (1997)
327. Negligee (1999)
328. Nena inosente (2003)
329. Nene (1998)
330. Night of Serafina (1996)
331. Night Swimming (????)
332. No Read, No Write (1997)
333. Nympha (2003)
334. Obsesyon (1998)
335. Onsehan (2001)
336. Pag dumikit kumakapit (1998)
337. Pagnanasa (1998)
338. Pagsaluhan (2002)
339. Pagsubok sa hirap at ginhawa (1996)
340. Pahiram kahit sandali (1998)
341. Pakawalang puso (1998)
342. Palaban (2000)
343. Paligayahin mo ako (1999)
344. Paloma, nakakalalaki ka (1998)
345. Pamasak butas (1999)
346. Paminsan-minsan (????)
347. Paninda (2001)
348. Paradise Inn (1985)
349. Patigasan (2000)
350. Patikim ng pinya (1996)
351. Perlas sa ilalim ng dagat (????)
352. Phone Sex (1999)
353. Pick-Up Girl (2002)
354. Pila-balde (1999)
355. Pilya (2003)
356. Pinakamagandang hayop sa balat ng lupa 2, Ang (1996)
357. Pinakamagandang hayop sa balat ng lupa, Ang (1975)
358. Pisil (1998)
359. Private Joyce (2003) (V)
360. Private Show (1985)
361. Prosti (2002)
362. *******n (2001)
363. Punla (2003)
364. Puri (2004)
365. Pusakal (1997)
366. Pusong hiram (1996)
367. Rape of Virginia P. (1989)
368. Red Diaries (2001)
369. Regalo (1996)
370. Reputasyon (1997)
371. Room 69 (1985)
372. Room for Rent (1997)
373. Room Service (2004)
374. Rosario, 18 (2001)
375. Sa huling paghihintay (2001)
376. Sa iyo ang itaas, sa akin ang ibaba (????)
377. Sa iyo ang sarap, akin ang hirap (1999)
378. Sa iyong mga haplos (2001)
379. Sa muling pagpatak ng hamog (1998)
380. Sa nag-aapoy na dagat (????)
381. Sa ngalan ng pag-ibig (1995)
382. Sa paraiso ni Efren (1999)
383. Sa piling ng iba (1998)
384. Sa piling ng mga belyas (2003)
385. Sa sarap ng umibig (2003)
386. Sabado Nights (1996)
387. Sabik sa halik (????)
388. Sabik sa pag-ibig (????)
389. Sabong (1998)
390. Sagad (2002)
391. Sagad sa init (1998)
392. Sagot ko ang buhay mo (????)
393. Saka na natin itanong kung kasalanan (1999)
394. Sakim sa pag-ibig (2001)
395. Salat sa ligaya (????)
396. Salawahang damdamin (1998)
397. Sambahin ang puri ko (1997)
398. Sampung ahas ni Eva (1984)
399. Sana kahit minsan (????)
400. Sana totoo na (2002)
401. Sapagkat kami ay tao lamang (2002)
402. Saplot (????)
403. Saranggani (2000)
404. Sariwa (1996)
405. Sariwang bulaklak (1996)
406. Scorpio Nights (1985)
407. Scorpio Nights 2 (1999)
408. The Secret of Katrina Salazar (????)
409. The Secrets of Sarah Jane (1994)
410. Segurista (1996)
411. Selda 14: Mga babaeng makasalanan (1998)
412. S.E.L.D.A. (2002)
413. Selosa (1997)
414. Senswal: Bakit masarap ang bawal (2000)
415. Sex Drive (2003)
416. Sex Education (1999/II)
417. Sex Files (2002)
418. Sex Guru (2004) (V)
419. Sex in Philippine Cinema (2004) (V)
420. Sex Scandal (????)
421. Sexy Dancers (1998)
422. Sgt. Larry Layar (1998)
423. Shame… Bakit ako mahihiya (2000)
424. Shirley (1998)
425. Shut Up, I-Memorize Mo (2005)
426. Silang mga rampadora (2003)
427. Sinful Nights (2004)
428. Singles (2004)
429. Sisid (2001)
430. Siya’y nagdadalaga (1997)
431. Sobra na, kulang pa (1984)
432. Sobra sobra, labis labis (1996)
433. Squala (1998)
434. Ssshhh… She Walks by Night (2003)
435. Star Dancer (1998)
436. Strip Show, Indayog sa Gabi (1999)
437. Sugat sa puri (1998)
438. Sugat, walang paghilom (2002)
439. Sukdulan (????)
440. Sukdulan (1998)
441. Sukdulan (2003)
442. Suspek (1999)
443. Sutla (1999)
444. Syota ng bayan (2001)
445. Tag-init (2004)
446. Tag-ulan noon, ang bukid ay basa (1999)
447. Tahan na, heto na ang ligaya (1998)
448. Takaw tukso (1986)
449. Takaw tukso (1998)
450. Takaw-tingin (2004)
451. Talahib at rosas (1994)
452. Talahib at rosas 2 (1999)
453. Talong (1999)
454. Tampisaw (2002)
455. Tatapatan ko ang lakas mo (1999)
456. Tatarin (2001)
457. Tatlo… magkasalo (1998)
458. Tatlong kasalanan (1998)
459. Tatlong makasalanan (????)
460. Tatlong puri (????)
461. Tatlong puso, iisang pangarap (2000)
462. Tatsulok (1998)
463. Temptation Island (1981)
464. Teteng baliw (2002)
465. Thalia (1997)
466. Tikim (2001)
467. Tipo kong lalake (Maginoo pero medyo…), Ang (1996)
468. Toro (2000)
469. Totoy Mola (????)
470. Tuhog (2001)
471. Tukso layuan mo ako (????)
472. Tukso layuan mo ako 2 (1997)
473. Tukso ng panahon (1998)
474. Tukso si Charito (1998)
475. Tukso si Charito 2 (2004)
476. Tuloy bukas ang pinto (1998)
477. Tumakas ka sa mundong makasalanan (1998)
478. Tumitibok, kumikirot (2003)
479. Two-timer (2002)
480. U-Belt (2004)
481. Uhaw na hayop (2000)
482. Uhaw sa init ng pagmamahal (2001)
483. Unang karanasan (1985)
484. Unang tibok (????)
485. Unfaithful Wife 2: Sana’y huwag akong maligaw (1999)
486. Uod sa laman (1998)
487. Utang ng ama (2003)
488. Venus: Diosa ng kagandahan (2001)
489. Vida Rosa, La (2001)
490. Violeta (1997/I)
491. Virgin Forest (1985)
492. Virgin Island (1997)
493. Virgin People 2 (1996)
494. Virgin People III (2002)
495. Virgin Wife (2001)
496. Viva Hot Babes (2003) (V)
497. Walang dayaan akin ang malaki (????)
498. Walang katapusang init (1998)
499. Wangbu (1998)
500. Wanted: GRO (1999)
501. Warat: Bibigay ka ba? (1999)
502. Wet, Wild & Kinky (2004) (V)
503. White Slavery (1984)
504. Winasak na pangarap (1997)
505. www.XXX.com (2003)
506. Xerex (2003)
507. Xerex the Series First Edition (2004) (V)

worst filipino film titles of all time (pt.1)

Got this from a thread somewhere. Courtesy of daug. Got some add-ons?

 1. Aagos ang dugo (2001)
2. Aangkinin ko ang lahat (1997)
3. Aau yeung liu 4 yue gwai tung hang (1998) (Panganib sa dilim)
4. Abuso: Case #6433 (1997)
5. Akala ko ikaw ay akin (1998)
6. Akin ang iyong dangal (1998)
7. Akin ka lamang (1997)
8. Akin ka ngayong gabi (1999)
9. Ako lang sa langit (????)
10. Ako, siya o ikaw (2003)
11. Alabang Girls (????)
12. Alapaap (1985)
13. Alindog ng lahi (????)
14. Alindog ni Barbara (1999)
15. Alipin (????)
16. Alipin ng aliw (1998)
17. Alipin ng laman, Mga (1984)
18. Alipin ng tukso (2000)
19. Aliw (1979)
20. Aliw, masarap na lason (1999)
21. Alyas Baby Chino (1989)
22. Alyas Bomba Queen (2002)
23. Alyas Boy Tigas: Ang probinsyanong wais (1998)
24. Ambisyosa, Ang (1997)
25. Amorseko: Damong ligaw (2001)
26. Anak ng yakuza (1997)
27. Anakan mo ako (1999)
28. ‘Ang Galing galing mo, Babes’ (2002)
29. Angela: Sabik sa pagmamahal (1997)
30. Animal (2004/II)
31. Anino sa dilim (????)
32. Apoy sa karagatan (2001)
33. Apoy sa magdamag (1999)
34. Arayyy! (2000)
35. Asawa mo, misis ko (????)
36. Atrevido (????)
37. Babae sa bintana, Ang (1998)
38. Babae sa bubungang lata, Ang (1998)
39. Babae sa dalampasigan (1997)
40. Babae sa Isla Azul, Mga (????)
41. Babae sa ulog, Ang (1981)
42. Babae sa VIP rooms, Mga (2003)
43. Babaeng putik, Ang (2001)
44. Babasaging kristal (1997)
45. Baby Doll (1996)
46. Bagamundo (1997)
47. Bahid (2002)
48. Bakat (2002)
49. Bakit kailangan ng ibon ang pakpak (1997)
50. Balahibong pusa (2001)
51. Balasubas (1998)
52. Balat-sibuyas (2003)
53. Banatan (1999)
54. Bangkero, Ang (1984)
55. Barenaked: A Video Anthology on the Art of Undressing (2003) (V)
56. Batang Magdalena (1998)
57. Batang pro (1999)
58. Batangueno kabitenyo (????)
59. Bawal (1998)
60. Bawal: Asawa mo, asawa ko (????)
61. Bawal mahalin, bawal ibigin (1997)
62. Bawal sa halik (1997)
63. Bayad puri (1998)
64. Bayadra Brothers (1999)
65. Bayaran (2002)
66. Bb. Bea Belleza: Bellas (1998)
67. Bedtime Stories (2002)
68. Bellas (????)
69. Berdugo (1998)
70. Best Friends (????)
71. Bibingka… Apoy sa ilalim, apoy sa ibabaw (2002)
72. Bigay hilig (2003)
73. Biglang liko (2002)
74. Bikini Watch (????)
75. Bikining itim (????)
76. Birthday Gift 2 (2000)
77. Bitag (1998)
78. Biyaheng langit (2000)
79. Biyahera (2002)
80. Boldstar (2003)
81. Bomba Queen (1985)
82. Bridal Shower (2004)
83. Bubot, kulang sa panahon (1997)
84. Bugbog sarado (2003)
85. Bukang bibig (2002)
86. Bukas may umaga (????)
87. Buko pandan (2002)
88. Burlesk Queen (1977)
89. Burlesk Queen Ngayon (1999)
90. Campus Scandal (1998)
91. Cariño brutal (1998)
92. Casa Verde (1998)
93. Cesar Hudas (1996)
94. Check-Inn (2004)
95. Climax (1984)
96. College Girls (????)
97. Comfort Women: A Cry for Justice (1989)
98. Curacha, ang babaing walang pahinga (1998)
99. Dalaga na si Sabel (????)
100. Dalagang dagat (????)
101. Dalaginding (2002)
102. Dalagita (????)
103. Dalawang eba sa paraiso ni adan (1999)
104. Dalawang pisngi ng pag-ibig (2001)
105. Dalhin mo ako sa langit (1997)
106. Dama de noche (1998)
107. Damdamin mo ang katawan ko (????)
108. Di mapigil ang init (1995)
109. Dimas at Magdalena (1997)
110. Disgrasyada (1978)
111. Donselya (????)
112. Dos ekis (2001)
113. Dr. X on the Air (1998)
114. Droga, pagtatapat ng mga babaeng addict (1999)
115. Dudurugin ko pati buto mo (2001)
116. Dugo ng birhen (1999)
117. Ekis (1999)
118. Erotika (1984)
119. Escort Girl (1985)
120. Eskandalosa (2002)
121. Evangeline katorse (1997)
122. Exploitation (????)
123. Exploitation (1997)
124. Fidel Jimenez: Magkasubukan tayo (2000)
125. First Time (2003/II)
126. Gagawin ko ang lahat (1998)
127. Gamitan (2002)
128. Gamitin mo ako (1985)
129. Gamugamong dagat (1999)
130. Gatas sa dibdib ng kaaway (2001)
131. Gawin sa dilim 2 (2000)
132. Gayuma (1996)
133. G.I. Baby (????)
134. Gigil (2000)
135. Ginto sa putikan (????)
136. Gising na si Adan (2002)
137. Gusto ko ng lumigaya (2000)
138. Halik (1998)
139. Halik ng sirena (2001)
140. Halik sa aking lupa (2002)
141. Halimuyak nang isang babae (1996)
142. Hamog sa bukang liwayway (????)
143. Hamog sa magdamag (????)
144. Hapdi ng tag-init (1997)
145. Haplos ng pagmamahal (1997)
146. Harot (1985)
147. Hatiin natin ang ligaya (1998)
148. Hayop sa ganda (????)
149. Hayop sa sarap (1985)
150. Hayup sa sex appeal (2001)
151. Heartache City (1985)
152. Hello Lover, Goodbye Friend (1985)
153. Heto ako, lalaki (1999)
154. Hibla (2002)
155. Hilig ng katawan (1999)
156. Hinog sa pilit (Sobra sa tamis) (2002)
157. Hipag (????)
158. Hiram (2003)
159. Hiram na katawan (1998)
160. Hiyas… sa paraiso ng kasalanan (2001)
161. Hubad na gubat (1983)
162. Hubad na multo (2002)
163. Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan (1999)
164. Hubog (2001)
165. Huli sa akto (2001)
166. Huling birhen sa lupa, Ang (2003)
167. Huling sayaw (1997)
168. Huwag (????)
169. Huwag kang kikibo (2001)
170. Huwag mong takasan ang batas (2002)
171. Huwag po, huwag po (1999)
172. I Want to Live (????)
173. Ibigin mo ako, mahalin mo ako (????)
174. Ika-pitong Gloria (2001)
175. Init ng dugo (1998)
176. Init ng laman (1998)
177. Init sa tag-ulan (1997)
178. Inosente (????)
179. Ira (2001)
180. Isa lang ang dapat mahalin (1997)
181. Isang kumot, tatlong unan (1985)
182. Isla (1983)
183. Isla 2 (1996)
184. Isla Paradiso (1996)
185. Island of Desire (????)
186. Itakwil man ako ng langit (????)
187. Itlog (2002)
188. Kabit ni Mrs. Montero, Ang (1999)
189. Kabiyak 2 (1998)
190. Kagat (????)
191. Kahit hindi turuan ang puso (1997)
192. Kahit saan… kung pwede (1998)
193. Kailangan kita (1993)
194. Kainan sa highway (2004)
195. Kakaibang karisma (1996)
196. Kalabit (2003)
197. Kalapating musmos (1986)
198. Kaliwat kanan, sakit ng katawan (1997)
199. Kamandag ng rosas (2000)
200. Kamay ni Eva (1999)
201. Kana (1996)
202. Kandugan (????)
203. Kangkong (2001)
204. Kapag ang palay naging bigas… May bumayo (2002)
205. Kapalit (2002)
206. Kapitan Ambo: Outside de kulambo (2001)
207. Kapitbahay, Ang (2003)
208. Kara kaakit-akit (1996)
209. Karelasyon (2004)
210. Kargado (1998)
211. Karibal (2004)
212. Karinyosa (1998)
213. Kasalanan ang buhayin ka (????)
214. Kasiping (2002)
215. Katas (2003)
216. Katawan (1999)
217. Katawan mo, langit ko (Kamandag ni Margarita) (2002)
218. Katya: Come Shag Me (2004) (V)
219. Kaulayaw (2002)
220. Kaya ko pero masakit (1998)
221. Keka (2003)
222. Kesong puti (????)
223. Kid Manalo, akin ang ulo mo (1998)
224. Kikay: Kaakit-akit, kaaya-aya, kikiligin ka (2003)
225. Kilabot at Kembot (2002)
226. Kilabot at si Miss Pakipot, Ang (1998)
227. Kiliti (????)
228. Kirot (????)
229. Kirot 2 (1995)
230. Kirot sa dibdib (2004)
231. Kirot sa puso (1997)
232. Kiskisan (2003)
233. Krisanta, iba ka (2004)
234. Kriselda: Sabik sa iyo (1997)
235. Kung liligaya ka sa piling ng iba (1998)
236. Kung tawagin sila ay sexy (1998)
237. Lacson, batas ng Navotas (1992)
238. Lagarista (2000)
239. Laging sariwa ang sugat (1999)
240. Lalaki sa buhay ni Selya, Ang (1997)
241. Lalakwe (1985)
242. Laman (2002)
243. Lanang (????)
244. Langit mo kaligayahan ko (????)
245. Laro sa baga (2000)
246. Laruan (1983)
247. Laruang buhay (1998)
248. Liberated 2 (2004)
249. Liberated (2003)
250. Ligaya ang itawag mo sa akin (1997)

ode to carlo

para sa’yo na kusang umalis mula
sa aking kamalayan,
hinding-hindi kita ipagluluksa.

nguni’t sa tuwing
naaalala kita,
dala-dala ko pa rin pala ang bigat
ng iyong paglisan.

 (bebsism, march 24, 2007. 4:05pm)

two films and stoned

I wanted to scream so they’d hear me say “I’m fucking tired and I wanna rest!”

Break is a leisure. And ‘rest’ is a Pontiac that I will never ever acquire even if I work for it my whole life.  I didn’t get enough sleep since Sunday ‘coz I had to fnish ‘Pantasya’ for its Premiere Night last Tuesday.  (The number of audience turn-out was good but got mixed reviews.) 

The stress Pantasya gave me was never soothing.  For a month, I edited Pantasya simultaneously with ‘Foster’.  Both films shared similarities.  They underwent several processes after the shoot.  While creative changes were made during the shoot of Foster, Pantasya was modified after the rough cut was screened.

Pantasya is a sexy film.  Actually, it was intended to be distributed straight to video.  Because it was more daring than other pink sex videos that starred ‘Men of Provoq’ and ‘Viva Hot Men’, Pantasya is different.

 The creators realized that Pantasya should go beyond the usual sex video that’s meant to tiltillate.  They decided to put some sort of a ‘story’ in it, something of an ‘accessory’.  Thus, the voice-overs were added.

I am not sure how many people inside the UP Film Center liked the film but after each episode, the homos were flocking towards the rest room. Dunno what they were doing there (initially, to pee for sure) but there are things your imagination knows what happens after watching two men having sex on screen.

‘Foster’ on the other hand, is extremely different.  It’s a film with real-time narrative, using long takes for its form.  It’s a story of a family who acts as a foster family for abandoned children who are waiting for adoption.  The story happens for one day, from morning till midnight, the journey of the foster mother who takes the surrogate son to his would-be adoptive parents.

During the process of doing the film, I learned a lot from the think-tanks of Foster.  Surprisingly, this is produced by Seiko Films.  So, Seiko can finally say with pride, “if it’s from Seiko, it must be good.”

Editing one film is stressful enough.  It takes a lot of your time you just wake up one day, you don’t know how the world had become without you.

But editing two films at the same time, whoa. This week is my hell week.  Pantasya on Tuesday was so stresful ‘coz I had to rush the corrections done by Direk the night before and was anxious while waiting for the DVD to completely burn before the Premiere Night.  It was done at 6:30, thirty minutes before well, ‘take off’.

I was so nervous the whole time the film was screened because I had no time to check if there are glitches.  Luckily, there was none.

Yesterday, the day after Pantasya’s premiere, I was told that ‘Foster’ had to be finished ASAP. Because they are beating a deadline.  And ASAP was yesterday. Wow.

I spent the whole day doing the fine cut of the film, trying to please the creators, filling in my editing lapses.  Several revisions and a screening with Roadrunner’s Manet Dayrit that evening, another set of corrections had to be done.

Finally, we finished at 3am. I was sooooo exhausted I forgot my face was oily and my lips were dry and my soul was in hell.

Today, I intend to rest.

top 11

Stephanie voted out. I haven’t seen the show though.  Here’s what they sang the other night:


MELINDA DOOLITTLE – As Long as He Needs Me

CHRIS SLIGH – She’s not there

GINA GLOCKSEN – Paint it Black

JORDIN SPARKS – I Who Have Nothing

PHIL STACEY – Tobacco Road

LAKISHA JONES – Diamonds are Forever

STEPHANIE EDWARDS – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

CHRIS ROBERTSON – Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

BLAKE LEWIS – Time of the Season

I love you Blake Lewis!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

heygard at ang kulay rosas na polo

Nilinlang lang pala ako ng oras.  Tinatawag na ako ng antok nguni’t nahimlay na pala siya sa damuhang hindi niya nahigaan.  Ang hapo ay parang globong yari sa lobo na nakakabit sa marumi kong mga tenga.

Kakayanin ko pa rin kaya? Premiere Night na tatlumpung minuto na lang magmula ngayon.   Balisa pa rin ang tingin ng sarili ko sa aking makamundong katawan. Naghihintay, naiinip. Pinagdadamutan na naman ako ng pagkakataong malanghap ang dapat kong kalagyan.

Dibidi. Bu-mern ka na. Dahil sa’yo nakasalalay ang lahat. Kung kailan gusto mo nang humalakhak dahil naabutan mo ang itinakda, kakambal ko na rin talaga ang pangangapa.  Sa isang kakarampot na pagkakataon, hindi niya kayang humiwalay sa sanay kong pagmamahal sa kanya. Heygard.

Premiere Night na. Nagdadalawang-isip nga akong ilagak ang aking pangalang ni anino ni Hudas ay hindi gustuhing makilala.  Andyan na.

Ilang beses ko ring sinabing hinding-hindi mangyayari ito. Dahil kanina lang, pinagsaluhan namin ang tawanan ng mga trahedyang nagaganap sa paligid. Maya-maya, iisipin ko pa ring hindi magiging trahedya ang pagpapalabas sa pelikulang hindi ko alam kung ikakahiya ko o ipagmamalaki.

Malamang nga, dapat nagtago na rin ako sa pangalang mas gugustuhin pang kilalanin ng anino ni Hudas.  Pangalang napakalayo sa tunay kong kaganapan.

Pumupositibo ako. Walang panahon sa pagkikitil ng panahon para sa sarili.

Wonga pala. Dapat andito ka kasama ko ngayon.  Pero wala ka, para makisalo sa kung anumang wala ang nararamdaman ko ngayon. Kaba, alinlangan, pagod, sakit sa katawan. 

Hay. Alam kong magiging maayos rin ang lahat mamaya.  Pumupositibo ako. At kahit nilinlang man ako ng oras, pipilitin ko na ring bigyang katuparan ang kanyang kasiyahang makita akong hapong-hapo.

modang pumpkins

Haven’t slept for two days. And it’s Smashing Pumpkins that keeps me awake (for now).  For a lack of a ‘Landslide’ video available on Youtube, am gonna indulge in one of my favorite Pumpkins songs, ‘Tonight Tonight’. Which reminds me, I’ve long been planning to make a personal video of Landslide if I have the time.

(Album: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the video was inspired largely by Georges Melies’ A Trip to the Moon, a silent film during turn of the century.  The video used backdrops they use in the theare and special effects that were ridiculous to think in our time but were amazing during theirs. 

The video reminds me of how simply complicated things were at that time.  And how simply complicated I’ve become.

“…crucify the insincere tonight.”

Ironically, for its simplicity, the technical process of making Tonight Tonight’s was complicated I think and must have took a lot of time and artists to put it all together.  The video’s mise-en-scene, of which what Georges Melies was all about, was perfectly executed. Detailed cinematography and the imperfect frame rate was a brilliant idea. And it’s still a love story after all.

Trivia: Dayton and the production crew initially had problems locating costumes for the video because Titanic was being shot at the same time in Los Angeles.  Titanic director James Cameron rented nearly every turn-of-the-century prop and costume in the city, leaving the “Tonight, Tonight” production crew little to work with. Directors Dayton and Faris compromised by renting the leftover costumes and hiring designers to remake them into the elaborate period clothing seen in the video. (Source: www.wikipedia.org)

hailed anecdote

hires_preview.jpg pantene-pic.jpg

 Oo na. Panis na ‘to. Pero naikwento lang to ng isang kakilala kong artista kanina. La lang. Share lang. 

Sa shooting raw ng Pantene commercial, nagdala raw ang stylist ng maraming maraming sapatos para sa apat na babae.  (At kanina ko lang nalaman na hiwa-hiwalay na by pair pala yung pagshoot nu’n kasi mahirap ilawan).

Tapos, tumiming, me binigay ang stylist ke Ruffa na sapatos na ang brand ay Sara (nakalimutan ko ang totoong pangalan. Basta, sounds like that). Sabi raw ng maarteng Ruffa hawak ang Sara (kunwari yun yun) shoes, “My gosh, why do I always get the cheapest shoes????”

Napatingin raw si Angel (ang pinakasimpleng pinakamaganda sa kanilang lahat) kay Ruffa habang hawak-hawak ang kanyang, ohyea, sariling Sara (kunwari yun yun) shoes.

Dahil nga naman, sanay si climber na Ruffa sa Gucci na tig-P25,000. Habang ang Sara (kunwari yun yun) ay tig- P4,000 ‘lang’.  

not frankenstein

Bebsism’s current emo mode:  Define – Hilera

Listen to the song:

I took the MRT on my way to Roadrunner this afternoon.  I didn’t want to make a lasting impression on Boss Robbie Tan, so I had to rush for the 1:45 pm appointement.  The train at Boni was approaching and voila, a petite girl in green had her flat ass, taking her time kemboting in front of me, blocking my way.

Potah. Why do most people love to strut their dirty asses in narrow places like these when there are people behind them, running for their sorry lives?  MRT alleys are meant for busy feet with bodies that put most of their energy literally pulling their weight in that jampacked train.

I wanted to pull Ms. petite girl-in-green’s hair and push her to the rail and let the MRT do the job for me.  Flawless.  I would have loved to do the same for coño kids, overdressed homos, vain metrosexuals, politicians and Cristy Fermin. Lovet.

Just had no time.

Instead, I politely excused myself beside Ms. petite girl-in-green with my ever sweet, caring voice…’excuse me’. 

You’re not supposed to step on the yellow lane when the rain is still running but I paved my way for the princess and after hearing my sweet ‘excuse me’, tangena lang. Parang di ko kakayanin ang punchline sa English, kaya eto na.  Ayun, sumigaw si potah ng sobrang lakas.

I’m not damn Frankenstein, you Smurfette, and you had to overreact like that.  I saw her, thru my powerful peripheral vision, covering her mouth. I was so embarassed I had to run I didn’t dare look back, wishing I pushed her to the rail. Would have served her right.


Bebsism’s current emo mode: Collide (acoustic) – Howie Day

Listen to the song: 

It’s hot, hot, hot.  Summer breeze is getting into everybody’s nerves now and while most people are preparing their asses off for a burning adventure in Baguio, Boracay or Puerto Galera, I’m stuck in Mandaluyong.  Burnout, 100 strands of hair left and a workwhore.

Having no time for my own life is becoming my life already. Thus, a minute of earwaxing is already a luxury. (I’m blogging! Pfft.)

These are the things I WISH I could do this summer. Dam-et.  Will any genie of any gender grant me this wish!

GO TO BANGKOK. I could have been there already, cruising along Silom, painting the area pink had the Bangkok Film Festival pursued last January.  Since it was postponed ’till June (or July this year), all I could do is drool over the fact that some people can fly to Bangkok in an instant.

Waaah. I wanna feel the Soi 4 experience.  Bangkok has a very colorful gay night life and I’m too excited to know how many men will be running after me in a night.  Not that I’m planning to take them all to bed, but whoa, self-esteem, c’mon.  I should keep a tally sheet then. ‘Coz I don’t intend to go back to the hotel exhausted and empty handed. Pun intended.

Besides, it’s fun to cruise around when nobody knows you.

GO TO QUIAPO.  And pirate DVDs. For the loser that I am, the last time I’ve been to pirate paradise was November or October last year. Buying pirated DVDs is orgasmic.  I cannot wait to grab copies of the complete series DVD of Queer as Folk, Six Feet Under, Alias, Ally McBeal, Charmed, Wonder Woman, Arrested Development. And updated copies of Ugly Betty, Supernaturals, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Amazing Race.

Dam-et maderpader pakengshet. Where have I been!

REVISE MY SCRIPT.  After making it to the Cinemalaya 2007 semi-finals but not to the Top 10, I knew I could have written a better, tighter script if I had ample time then. I vowed to revise the one I submitted so I could finally say, ‘hey fuckers, bad thing you didn’t include me in the Top 10. See what an indisposable script I have? Lick it!’

But no. How can I rewrite it when I even forgot how to write my name anymore!

GO HOME TO DAVAO. The best cure for work burnout is to go back to your hometown and smell the air that lets you remember that you were a child once in your life.  I miss durian, fresh veggies and fruits that I just pick from our yard.  The dusty road, the beaches, my friends, kinilaw, grilled tuna, mangoosten.

This is too nostalgic my mucus is keeping my tissue busy.

PREPARE FOR MY THESIS.  Sheeeeeeeeet. Officially, I’m a year delayed. Thank God, no more classmates and friends to burden me by asking when I’m gonna do my thesis.

Yes buggers, I’ve been planning to my thesis. And I WILL do it. Why don’t you boogers ask when will Herman, James, Dax, Bolitas and Mimay do theirs too? Bwaha.

Which reminds me, I have to work my ass off NOW so I could save up and finally be able to do the best thesis ever done in UP Film Institute.


I found these stories amusing.

A pizza worth $1000 is being sold in New York. Nino Selimaj, who runs six pizza restaurants in NY unveiled the Luxury Pizza, a 12-inch thin crust topped with caviar, lobster, creme fraiche and chives. Cut into eight, it works out at $125 a slice.

Whoa.  Read full story here.

And a gang of midgets aged 14-23 years old were arrested in Malaysia. The eight-member gang of small-sized robbers dubbed the “midget gang”  were arrested for committing 14 break-ins for the past three months. 

Now that’s what you call ‘Pasok-Bahay Gang’.  Read full story here.

And if you’re 66 years old in Pascha, Cologne, Germany, you get a 50% discount on sex in the afternoon.  All you have to do is show your proof of age.

And don’t forget your viagra. Read full story here.